Makeup Tips for Monsoon – Look Gorgeous in Rainy Season

Monsoon inspires romanticism. It is the time when you will want to be in the arms of your beloved and want your beauty and aura to mesmerize his senses! Easier said than done! Looking gorgeous in rainy season is not easy. Selecting the right makeup is crucial and this is where most women make a disaster.

What type of makeup works best in monsoon?

Shimmer, sheen and glossy are the types that do not go well with rainy season. It is therefore advised to avoid these. The one that works best is the matte makeup. Matte makeup tends to settle down quickly and gradually, a beautiful glow appears on the face without any extra effort. A primer with matte finish must be selected for providing a good base for the foundation of your choice. This primer will prevent the makeup from getting spoiled easily because of excess humidity in air and excess oil on your face.

Makeup Tips for Monsoon

What makes the duo a preferred choice?

A foundation along with matte finish primer is particularly suggested during the rainy season because they can help to retain the complexion of the skin which is otherwise oxidized quickly by the excessive oil secreted by the skin during monsoon.

How to make the makeup last long?

Now this is a big concern. A matte skin can be ensured for a longer period by using a mattifying powder that can give a perfect finish to your base. A mattifying powder such as compact power works pretty well.

Mattifying Powder

What to do in case your skin is too oily?

Excess oil production is a characteristic feature of the skin during the monsoon. However, the problem is worsened if you already have an oily skin. The sebum production can be too much and it can easily destroy your makeup. This can be prevented by carrying some bloating paper. Bloating paper can soak up excess oil on your face without tampering your makeup.

Bloating Paper for Oily Skin

What to use for your eyes?

For your eyes, you can always go for waterproof cosmetic products. Whether you are going for a mascara or eye kohl or an eyeliner, unless they are waterproof, they will have a tendency of smudging and dripping off.

What products should be avoided?

Any glitter and shimmer applied on your face will only make your face too shiny because you will already face excess sebum production. Also remember to discard any cream-based cosmetic product during the rainy season because they lead to increased sweating. Increased sweating will not only make your face look too shiny but will also destroy your makeup in no time.

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