Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” they say. Where so much emphasis is given to eyes in our daily lives, isn’t it absolutely necessary for us to acknowledge them and make sure they’re made up perfectly? However easy this might seem, it’s not really an easy task. Sometimes, people tend to go overboard or are probably even clueless as to how to go on about makeup when it comes to the eyes, especially brown eyes. In this case, you have beautiful eyes but if you don’t really know how to make sure they stand out, you needn’t worry, we’re here to take care of that for you. A few colours will make your eyes prettier

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

1.  Metallic

With those gorgeous eyes you’ve got, what would only make sense would be to bring that out with the help of some metallic tones like gold and bronze. They accentuate your eyes, giving them a strong look and if applied correctly, can be the highlight of your face and attract all attention to it.

2. White

You are probably hesitating right now and might not ever consider applying white to your eyes, but you’ll be surprised how beautiful they make your eyes look. White is not different but also leaves space for your brown eyes to stand out all by themselves. Sure, it’s a little bolder but worth every bit, the risk.

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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

3.  Cobalt blue

We also recommend a vibrant blue shadow for your rich, dark brown eyes. An electric shade such as this will make your eyes pop. The contrast will amaze you. Other eye colours might not be able to pull this colour off but the best part is brown eyes can! It allows the colour to be brighter than the eye but draws out the mesmerizing brown of eyes, doesn’t matter if it’s light brown or dark.

4. Shimmer

There’s no such thing as too much shimmer, is there?  This goes perfectly for all eye colours! Adding a bit of shimmer to match your eyeshadow or eyeball colour is the ideal makeup trick for brown eyes. Where everyone’s dressed in shimmer,  go that extra mile to add some much needed shimmer to your shadow.

5. Eggplant mascara

It’s true, Purple shades enhance your brown eyes like no other. This might be because the eyes already have so many variety of tones, you sometimes don’t need a highly dramatic shade that creates a striking contrast. Not only does this flatter the brown of your eyes, the white adding colour makes it look extremely subtle.

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6. Mix

If you’ve got those lovely brown hues on you, don’t be afraid to mix it all up a little and then  see what works best. There are many different to go about this, One would be black with eggplant, or perhaps gold with some sober blue would elevate your look to another level. After you get comfortable with one such combination, stick to it and it could become your trademark colour and who knows, a trend?


1.    You now know what you should do, but only when you’re aware what not to do or what way.

2.    This is possible by avoiding a few colours like red, yellow, or green as they won’t be the most flattering colours with your beautiful brown.

3.    This may not be the same for each individual and you should consider trying different colours, but don’t go overboard and know what suits you.

4.    Don’t be afraid to keep the colours neutral.

5.    If you’re not determined to make your eyes pop and your focus is on other features, instead of overdoing it just keep it simple.

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