Makeup Brushes for Eyes 101

Application of makeup in the right manner with the right techniques is an art and no art comes out right without the right tools. They say in a war choose your weapons wisely, well it’s also equally important when doing your makeup to enhance your features, we will say choose your tools rightly. Eye is a doorway to a man’s heart and this is exactly why you cannot go wrong with your eye makeup. Here we tell you Makeup Brushes for Eyes 101. Which brushes you need to own and why?

Brush for the Brows

1. Brush for the Brows

This tool comes in handy for filling in your brows. The tip is angled and undoubtedly right for filling in the brow with precision and minute detailing. A little practice and knowledge of right technique and you are minutes away from the professional look.

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Angular Eye Shadow Brush

2. Angular Eye Shadow Brush

The angularity of this brush is the catch. It has been designed so, to help you blend the shadow in the crease, over the top and also in the corner of the eye.

Bent Eyeliner Brush

3. Bent Eyeliner Brush

The bent aspect is what separates this brush from the others. Any type of liner – liquid or cream or your preferred gel liner, you can apply it smoothly in one go with this brush. Go thin or thick, dark or light, no matter what look you are perfecting, this brush will make it happen for you.

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The Versatile Blending Brush

4. The Versatile Blending Brush

Keep blending until you have got it right. Blending requires time, patience and the right brush. This soft bristled versatile brush is ideal to obtain the natural makeup look. You can blend a single colour or a mix of colours to get the right pop of the eye shadow and look .

Smudge Eyeliner Brush

5. Smudge Eyeliner Brush

Coveting smoky eyes? If you need to head to a party or formal outing with a smoky eye, smudge your Kohl with this brush. Ideal for smudging on the top or lower lash line or creating the smoky effect, a little practice and you will never give up on this brush.

Dual Eyebrow Comb & Brush

6. Dual Eyebrow Comb & Brush

The name defines the purpose. Comb your brows neat and tune it to look all prim and proper with the brow comb. The brush help smoothen the lashes of the mascara thicket. It is one tool with dual benefit. Get yourself one for your makeup kit and the other a travel sized dual eyebrow comb and brush for your everyday use. You want to look pretty all the time and eyes emulate a very good first impression, don’t they?

We agree the use of all these brushes requires practice and knowledge. But it always helps to know what tools to invest in if you are aiming to perfect a look. For all those makeup fanatics who are a stickler for a perfect eye makeup look, which of these brushes do you highly recommend. Is there any other eye makeup brush you would add to the above list. Do let us know through email or simply write to us below in the comments section.

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