How to Make Rose Oil and Rose Water

Rose oil and rose water are known to be two important beauty ingredients. There are lots of cosmetics, which make use of these two compounds and help enhance our beauty naturally. If you want to prepare these two things at your home, this article will be the actual guide for you. Here are how to make rose oil and rose water by your own:

How to Make Rose Oil and Rose Water

A. How to Make Rose Oil


• Fresh rose petals – 1 cup

• Water – 1 cup

• Jojoba oil – 1 cup

• A cheesecloth

• A dark sterilized bottle

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1. As said before, you need to choose fresh petals of roses. But make sure that the flowers chosen by you are not affected by pesticides or any other sorts of chemicals. Also, try to pluck them in the morning so that the dew gets evaporated from the petals completely. After picking the roses, wash them gently with fresh water and eliminate the dirt.

2. Pour the water in a shallow pan and bring it to boil. Once it starts boiling properly, turn off the heat.

3. Now, pour the jojoba oil into a transparent glass jar of medium size. You can also replace it with any other oil, such as grapeseed oil or a not-so-heavy type of olive oil, which do not have a strong aroma.

How to Make Rose Oil and Rose Water

4. Roughly crush the fresh rose petals with both of your hands and add them to the oil stored within the jar. Instead of shaking the jar, spin it carefully so that the crushed rose petals get coated by the oil.

5. Put the lid of the jar in its place and place it in the pan containing boiled water. It would make the oil warm, which eventually would help in releasing the fragrant from the petals. Once the water becomes cold, transfer the jar to a warm area and wait for a whole day without moving it.

6. At last, spread the cheesecloth over the opening of the dark sterilized bottle and strain the jojoba oil containing the crushed rose petals through it. Press the petals with your hands so that you get the maximum oil. Cover the bottle with its lid and store in the refrigerator.

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B. How to Make Rose Water


• Fresh rose petals – 1 cup

• Water – 2 cups

• Ice – as required

• A deep stockpot

• A ramekin (made of heavy glass)

• A shallow soup bowl

• A large and shallow stainless steel bowl

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1. You need to follow the previous process while picking fresh rose petals for preparing rose water at home. Now, start with putting the ramekin inside the stockpot. Pour water into the ramekin in such a way that it becomes (3/4)th full.

2. Keep the fresh rose petals inside the stockpot. Remember, the petals will remain at the bottom of the stockpot surrounding the external edge of the ramekin. Pour some water into the pot and cover at least half of the height of the ramekin from outside. Also, cover the ramekin with the help of the soup bowl.

3. Place the stockpot on the heat and let the water present inside the ramekin boil. As soon as it starts to boil, reduce the heat and cover it with the stainless steel bowl. Make sure that the bottom of the steel bowl is lying beyond the highest level of the soup bowl. Do not forget to load it with ice.

How to Make Rose Oil and Rose Water

4. Keep the entire system still in this position and simmer for at least 3 hours. When the mixture starts to boil, the generated heat goes up and makes the steel bowl condensed. The drip-down of this bowl is stored in the inner soup bowl gradually. You need to provide as much ice as needed in order to carry on the process successfully.

5. After 3 hours, separate the soup bowl from the stockpot and you will get clear rose water accumulated in it.

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