How to Make Your Luscious Curls Last Longer – 15 Tips for You

Have you long been dreaming of ditching your everyday look with luscious curls? Do you always find it tough to get your hair hold the curls for the entire day? Worry not. You have come to the right page. We will give you 15 amazing tips that will help you wear beautiful curls and that too for long time. Keep reading:

How to Make Your Luscious Curls Last Longer

1. If you want to curl up your freshly washed hair, begin right in the shower. Find light-weight hydrating shampoo and conditioner that would neither dry out your tresses nor weigh it down.

2. Wrap up the hair with a soft towel to blot up excess water. It is required to give hair a better foundation for long-lasting elegant curls.

3. It is important to prepare your hair with some moisture and hold before you dry it up. For this, applying a blend of equal parts of a nourishing hair oil and a hair gel or mousse will do.

4. While blow drying your hair, try to make use of a diffuser in order to give body to your natural hair by eliminating frizz. Also, do it by keeping your head upside down for added volume.

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5. Dirty hair is known to hold curls better than its squeaky clean counterpart. You can take a shower to remove greasiness, but skip regular shampooing or blow drying to make your curls stay for a long time.

6. If you have damaged and split hair ends, your curls will fall flat very fast and easily. So, treat them with a serum or leave-in conditioner before setting your curling iron or styling your hair.

7. Use a hair setting spray or mist before using your curling iron or hot rollers. It can lock in your curls and make them go the distance. Picking one with heat protection is even better.

8. Switch to advanced curling irons that are made of ceramic or tourmaline. They come with the latest material technology, which helps in curling the locks from inside out, thereby creating long-lasting curls with minimal heat damages.

How to Make Your Luscious Curls Last Longer

9. Find a curling iron, which is one size smaller than the one you presently have. It can help you get perfect curls with more staying power.

10. While curling your hair, you need to divide it into multiple small sections and begin your task right from the nape of your neck. The rest of your hair should be clipped on the top of your head during that time.

11. Do not ever style your hair before it cools down completely after using the curling iron. It will spoil your efforts and you will end up having flat hair within a few hours.

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12. In case you have limp, thin and superfine hair, you should choose hot rollers over curling irons. They offer better hold for such hair type and hence, you can expect better results too.

13. Long-lasting curls mean a bit hard, non-touchable curls, which can only be achieved by using a good firm finishing spray on them. Apart from great hold, it will give your tresses added shine too.

14. Do not ignore the underside of your curls, while applying the hair spray. It would give firm hold to each and every section of your hair, thereby making your curls last longer.

15. Finally, keep spritzing the hair mist or a ‘curl-reviver’ on your hair all through the day for sporting your curls gracefully.

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