How to Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally

Angelina Jolie is one such person who flashes in your mind when you talk about fuller and big lips. You can avoid going under that needle and can have those bigger lips naturally.

A sexy pout and bigger lips is every woman’s dream, it adds grace and an oomph factor to the persona, isn’t it?

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Well getting them naturally is no such hard task, few steps you follow and you get those fuller, plumper and bigger lips!

Keep them healthy– Chapped and weak lips gives a thinner and dried look, so keep your lips healthy moisturized and pink! And here’s how you can keep your lips healthy.

Cleansing & Exfoliating– Keep the dead skin off your lips; lip scrubs will help you in removing dead skin off your lips. Use homemade lip scrubs or a soft baby toothbrush to exfoliate that skin out.

Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally

Moisturize– Lips are sensitive, be it winters or summers you need to be attentive towards your lips, they tend to dry up easily. Invest in good lip balm, lip moisturizer which keeps your lips moisturized and hydrated.

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Healthy lips look bigger, plumper, hydrated and young!

Natural Concoction– Heard of Cinnamon oil, it stings and hence leaves your lips looking bigger! Ouch! Want to escape from that sting, well then add a tiny drop of this oil into your regular lip balm, it will do wonders!

Exercise it out– Yes! You read it right; exercise can make your lips look bigger.

Pucker and Smile– Smile for 5 seconds and pucker your lips for another 5 seconds, and then repeat 10 times.
Hold that smile- Smile, with your mouth closed. (lips pressed inside so you are able to see only the outline of lips) Hold for 5 seconds, and then repeat.

Make-it-up – Makeup has always been a quick getaway fixing glitches and adding zing to your look. Applying gloss over lipstick, also gives an illusion of bigger lips, so after you are done applying your lipstick, ooze out some gloss on the lipstick brush and dab it on your pout and Tada!

Using lighter shades of lipsticks also creates that fuller and plumper effect on lips.

Do the lining– Lip liners, say yes! Line your lips with a slight darker shade than your lipstick and see the visible plumping effect.

Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally

Lip plumper’s, another customary product which is frantically being used to add that extra volume to your lips. These plumper increase the blood circulation in your lips which leads to mild swelling and redness in lips.

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