How to Make Larger Breasts Look Smaller without Surgery

There is one bunch of women who want bigger breasts and think that it gives them more confidence. And then there are the other women who are endowed with nice full breasts but who want their breasts to look smaller. Talk about grass being green on the other side!

If you have naturally big breasts, then rather than going in for something that is dangerous and permanent like a surgery (which can go horribly wrong in many ways), there are so many ways in which you can make your breasts appear smaller. You never know, with time, you may love your big breasts too. Going in for a surgery does not give you an option to reverse your situation later.

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So how can you make your breasts look smaller?

Wear a bra that fits you perfectly  Do not wear something old and that causes your breasts to sag. Also, do not wear very tight bras in a bid to constrict your breasts inside them – it makes it more unsightly when your breasts overflow out of the bra. So go into the fitting room and find a bra of a size and cup that fits your breasts perfectly, giving it the right kind of support and holding it together the right way. Wearing a sports bra also helps.

Wear a bra that fits you perfectly

See if you can wear a minimizer bra These bras cover the entire breast and will hold together the breast tissue against the body. It downplays your breasts and reduces the cup size. Your curves look much sleeker and your clothes will fit better with this bra. Prolonged usage will also reduce your cup size because this bra redistributes your breast tissues o make it look slimmer and trimmer.

minimizer bra

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Wear Black Heard that famous fashion tip that black makes you look thin? Well, not just black, but any dark colour makes your breasts appear smaller. Invest in solid dark coloured top wear that is well fitted. Anything too tight will make your breasts pop out and anything that is too loose will make your shape to appear saggy.

Low cut cloths Refrain from wearing low cut clothes.

Wrap Dresses Wearing wrap dresses gives an appearance of slimness.

Draw Attention Away Choose clothes that draw attention away from your chest and that makes the onlooker focus on the hips. Empire cut tops are a good option.

Try to lose weight Your breast is mainly made of adipose tissue which is nothing but fat deposition. The more weight you lose, the more toned your breasts appear.

Accessorise  Use accessories to draw attention away from your breasts. Wear chunky jewellery or wear together many small chains that will add drama to your outfit and also draw attention towards itself.


Wear V neck tops they draw the attention away from the chest and draw attention downwards. Avoid wearing anything that has a high collar or has buttons out of which your breasts can bulge out.

Wear vertical stripes that give you an appearance of being sleeker.

Exercise Do chest exercises that work on toning down your chest. This will automatically reduce your breast size.

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