How to make flat breasts look bigger

If you have flat breasts or small breasts and crave for bigger breasts, then breast exercises and eating foods that can help increase the size of breasts will surely help you grow bigger breasts. But if you want quick fix cosmetic solutions to just make your breasts “appear” bigger, then yes, there are ways to do it. We tell you here some ways in which you can make your flat breasts look bigger.

1. You may not need too much of support from a bra and may be lax about what you buy, but still, go and have a fitting done at a lingerie store. Take the assistance of the experts there to find your right size. A perfectly fitted bra will help accentuate your breasts.

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2. Shift towards padded bras that give your breasts an appearance of being curvy and full. Some very good padded bras can almost add two cup sizes. They might be a little uncomfortable to start off with, but once you get used to it, you will only be happy to see the padded bras fill out your breasts.

padded bra

3. Practise good posture. An upright posture is important. Do not slouch. Open up your shoulders and keep your head high. This will not just make you seem fuller in the chest but will automatically add to your confidence.

right posture

4. If you are wearing a low cut dress and are worried about not having enough cleavage to flaunt, go in for the use of some bronzer on your chest. A hint here and there in the right places will make you seem curvier than you are.

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5. Do not wear two bras at once or try to stuff tissues or cotton inside your bra. This will only make your chest look lumpy and unsightly.

6. Wear clothes with frills around your chest. Frills and embellishments make your breasts appear bigger than usual. Ruffles or other details along the neckline can fill up your neckline and make it appear to be fuller.

cloths frills

7. Stay away from V neck lines. Go in for lines that are higher cut, are asymmetrical and are gathered at the neck. This gives an illusion of fullness.

8. Similarly, horizontal stripes can also make your breasts appear bigger.

9. Wear a push up bra –  It serves two purposes. It has padding in it that makes your breasts appear bigger. It also lends enough support to your breasts to make them look perkier than usual.

10. Shapewear can also give the appearance of fuller breasts. It not just tucks in any unwanted fat that bulges out of the body, but also makes sure that you appear curvy in the right places. So wearing a corset type shapewear that has silicone inserts can actually make you seem like you have big breasts.

11. There is a certain product which is glue that sticks your breasts together to give them an appearance of being too full and bulging! It is a harmless product that you can have a fun experiment with if you are in a dire need for bigger breasts.

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