How to Make a Coconut Body Scrub

How many times have you come across body wash, moisturisers that highlight the presence of coconut in it? Coconut scrubs are a buzzword in the beauty industry and there is a reason for it. It is a multi beneficial product and something Indians have been using for healthy skin and hair for innumerable years. You too can make coconut scrub all by yourself. To top it, the recipe is so simple and so beneficial, in comparison you will forget the products available in the market.

What you need to make a Coconut scrub?

Coconut Scrub

  • Coconut Oil (Recommended in organic form)
  • Either Salt or Sugar Granules. (Recommended – sugar for its softness)
  • A Clean Bowl
  • Stirrer

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In a bowl, add coconut oil, in double quantity to sugar or salt. Add either salt or sugar to it, preferably add sugar granules to it and stir the ingredients thoroughly. The granules will not get completely mixed. They may end up remaining at the bottom. It is definitely not a cause of worry. Your scrub is now ready for use. Apply the scrub topically on your body in circular motion. Be careful while using the scrub on sensitive areas and while using it on harsh areas, make sure to scrub it well. Massage the scrub and rinse it off with cold water.

Benefit of Coconut

Coconut has many qualities which makes it a great beauty and skin care ingredient. It has anti bacterial quality and also contains lauric acid which removes dirt, impurities, absorbs oil from the skin. It clears the pores, reducing the chances of acne accumulation. It doubles as a natural make up remover, face wash and skin brightener too.

Benefits of other ingredients used in the scrub

Just like Coconut, the other ingredients used in making the scrub, if not more are equally beneficial. Read on to find out more.

Benefit of Sugar

Sugar Granules Coconut Scrub
Sugar when added to the scrub makes the skin, soft, smooth and moisturises it.

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Benefit of Salt

Salt is a stronger element in comparison to sugar when used in the scrub but it is highly beneficial if you are scouting for stronger scrub for your dry skin or darkness prone areas like elbow, knee.

Advantages of using homemade coconut scrub

• Know exactly what you are using. For products bought from market, we all know what’s in them, but we really don’t know all of it.
• It’s definitely organic and cost effective at the same time
• This is one of those magic beauty products which can double up as many products. You can use this product as a cleanser, to exfoliate, moisturiser, make up remover, skin brightener, acne buster and skin softener. Talk about one product and many hats.
• You can refill this scrub whenever you like, all you need is the ingredients and a little time and your scrub is ready.

If you have any other alternative to the one mentioned above, share it with us in comments below. If you happen to try this scrub and like it, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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