A lowdown on Sadhana Yoga, Practice Method and Benefits

Sadhana is the name given to the method of disciplining oneself. Sadhana Yoga marks the beginning of one’s spiritual endeavor. Sadhana Yoga does not involve complicated exercises or techniques. It is a calming activity that helps you connect to your inner self, flushes out negativity and helps you unlock your unlimited potential. Let us see what Sadhana Yoga is all about, how it is practiced and what its benefits are.

What is Sadhana Yoga?

Sadhana Yoga

Sadhana Yoga is nothing but a meditative activity followed by yogasana that tunes up your system to eliminate all the negative energies in your body that come in the way of your health, progress and general well being and also helps you clear your consciousness and channelize your energy towards attaining all your goals in life.

When to Practice Sadhana Yoga?

Sadhana Yoga is best practiced during the Amrit Vela which occurs 2 and half hours before sunrise. It is during this hour that your veil of ego is said to be the thinnest and your focus more intense. By doing sadhana at this hour, your prana shakti or energy can be enhanced and cleansing of the body at all levels can be accomplished easily.

Practicing Sadhana Yoga at this hour everyday requires utmost discipline and determination. You could however perform it at any time of the day with varying degrees of results.

How to Practice Sadhana Yoga? 

  • Find a comfortable and quiet spot at home where you can practice Sadhana Yoga.
  • Sit cross legged or in padmasana with your spine straight.
  • Close your eyes, start breathing deeply.
  • You could tune your breathing to the chanting of the mantra “Om” if you want to increase your focus and prevent your mind from wandering.
  • Focus on deep breathing and nothing else for the next 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Next step is to do anulom vilom pranayama.
  • Place your left palm on the left knee, facing the ceiling. With the thumb of your right hand, close the right nostril. Breathe in through the left nostril. Now close the left nostril with your ring finger and release the thumb, to breathe out from the right nostril. Do at least ten sets of this breathing exercise. This exercise helps cleanse your system of all the negative energy. Read more about the health benefits of pranayama here
  • The time after anulom vilom is the time to focus on your inner self. Simply brush away all negative and distracting thoughts and in the silence of your environs, focus on the space between your eyebrows. Doing this brings a lot of clarity of thought and helps you sort your goals and priorities in life better. Do this for ten minutes. After that, rub your palms together, place them on your eyes for a minute and then slowly open your eyes.
  • You have now completed the part of the Sadhana that trains your mind. Now onto training your body, since a sound mind needs a sound body to reside in. The meditation is to be followed up with yogasana. There is no hard and fast rule as to which exercise you need to do. If you are comfortable with suryanamaskaras, which is a complete body exercise, you could ten repetitions to complete your Sadhana and keep your body supple.

suryanamaskar sadhana yoga

  • If Suryanamaskara is not your thing, you could also try some yogasanas from here that will keep you fit and young.  
  • Once you are done with the exercises, it is a wrap on your Sadhana Yoga. But remember, doing this on one or two days does not make it a Sadhana. Inculcate the discipline to do it every single day. It is said that it takes 40 days of Sadhana to break away from old negative habits and 90 days to inculcate the habit of doing Sadhana in you for life.
  • During the day, try to stick to a sattvic diet  since it maximizes the benefits that you can draw from Sadhana Yoga.

Benefits of Sadhana Yoga 

  • The foremost thing that the Sadhana Yoga gives you is discipline. Of waking up early each morning and spending quality time on tuning the mind and the body.
  • It helps you utilize your mind and body to the maximum potential by building both your physical and mental stamina.
  • It helps you connect and relate to your inner self and see the larger picture by brushing aside superficial stress and worries.
  • It trains the body to function like clockwork since practicing Sadhana makes you more agile and removes all signs of inertia from you.
  • The time you spend with yourself while meditating is a time of introspection and self-evaluation. Doing this regularly helps you find your true calling. You will stop stressing on trivial issues when you know what your main focus should be on.
  • Doing Sadhana Yoga every single day gives you an active mind and a fit body.

So go ahead, wake up early from now and try the Sadhana Yoga. It will extend the limits of your capabilities, improve your self-confidence and change your life for good.

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