How to Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous Without Applying Make-Up

Do you feel ‘naked’ without the touch of make-up? If so then you are surely not aware of those simple tricks that can amp up your inner beauty and make it radiate out. Check out below some common habits and beauty practices that can help you look drop-dead gorgeous without creams and cosmetics.

Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous Without Applying Make-Up

1. Stop Drinking

Limit your intake of alcohol and soda. It would reduce the dullness of your skin and make it look youthful.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking can age you too fast, thereby spoiling your natural beauty. You do not at all want it, right?

3. Drink Water

Drink as much water as you can. Usually, 8 glasses a day can help us flush out the toxins from our body and keep the cells efficiently hydrated.

4. Have Warm Lemon Water

Switch to warm lemon water from hot coffee or tea. Make it a habit to kick-start your morning this way. It will keep you healthy and radiant.

5. Cleanse Twice

Keeping the skin squeaky clean all the time can make you look glamorous even without makeup. So, cleanse and wash your face at least twice a day.

6. Exfoliate Often

Cleansing may not be enough for getting rid of blackheads and other blemishes. Hence, scrub gently to eliminate the surface layer of dead cells from your skin.

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7. Tone It Up

Make your skin firmer by toning it up. It also helps tighten the open pores as well as diminish the possibilities of developing breakouts.

8. Moisturize Daily

Moisturizing basically means feeding the skin cells and it is vital for maintaining a healthy and beautiful appearance. So, moisturize daily.

9. Use Sunscreen

UV rays can steal the natural glow of your skin and cause severe damages to it. Make sure that you apply SPF to your exposed body parts, each and every time.

10. Pamper Eyelashes

Give a break to your eyes from heavy makeup and pamper the lashes with moisturizer. Avocado oil can also turn them thicker and healthier.


11. Shape Eyebrows

No matter how much makeup you have done, a pair of bushy unshaped eyebrow can totally break your look. So, keep your brows groomed perfectly.

12. Scrub On Lips

A sexy pout is not all about wearing attractive lip color or gloss. Exfoliate them with a soft-bristled toothbrush or a cotton cloth and reveal soft rosy lips.

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13. Shampoo Regularly

Healthy lustrous locks can also enhance your natural beauty to a great extent. So, shampoo at least thrice a week and keep your hair clean and fresh.

14. Get Haircuts

Trim your hair every 2 months so that you do not end up developing hair issues like split ends, dandruff and frequent hair fall.

15. Take Vitamins

Vitamins, especially those having antioxidant properties, can repair your damaged skin and make you look ravishing. Therefore, increase your natural vitamin intake or have vitamin supplements.

16. Eat Healthy

A healthy and well-balanced diet is essential for bringing your inner beauty out. Indulge in fresh green fruits and veggies rather than munching on junk foods.

17. Sleep Well

Give yourself a good night’s sleep of 8 consecutive hours. It is the only time you give your body to get recharged and refreshed.

18. Don’t touch the Skin

Keep your dirty hands off your skin as it can give you ugly breakouts and you might end up developing unattractive scars and marks.

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19. Stay Happy

It is important to stay happy and feel good for looking gorgeous. Remember, your appearance reflects your mental health.

20. Be Confident

Boost your confidence level up. It works even better than those creams and make-ups.

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