Lip Colours to Try for the total fearless

Lipsticks have long ruled the makeup trends. Trendy lip colours have changed overtime but lipsticks have always been the favourite make up accessory for most of us. The best thing about Lip colours is that it can change your personality totally. From shiny light lip colours to groovy dark lip colours, you are addicted to every lip colour that is fascinating and rolling around in the market. If you are bold, fierce or just inspired from a famous celebrity, pop star and want to know which are the lip colours to try for the total fearless, then you have come to the right place. This season, your choice of a perfect bold lip colour must go beyond classic pout with these smash full shades. Let’s take a quick look at lip colours to try for the total fearless this season:

Lip Colours to Try for the total fearless
Cranberry Hue: Once you try this, you will get obsessed with it. It looks really great as it has a rich undertone and a deep cranberry red finish. It doesn’t wear off, kiss off, and bleed off. It comes in waterproof colours and the best thing about Cranberry is that it’s now available in a lip colour shade.

Golden Lips: Love gold? You can now colour your lips golden now. Take your lips to the entire new level of lavishness with this gold lipstick. It is shiny and  glitzy in a good way. It gives on a pretty sheer as it contains shimmery gold that makes you go gaga over it. Wear it with soft eye makeup to get a sassy look.

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The Perfect Red Lips: When it comes to lip colours, nothing rivals the power of a red lip colour. A red lip colour  will elevate your desired outfit and give you a style statement with it’s glamorous look. Red lip colour was the first lip shade women back in ancient ages applied, that’s what Wikipedia certainly confirms, however red lips still takes the most loved colour spot away. If you still haven’t got it, all we can say it’s really time you own it.

Cocoa or Copper Shades

Cocoa or Copper Shades: Bring out your inner 90’s supermodel retro look with these succulent and stupendous brown shades for your lips. You can add up some pink or rusty undertones in these woody hues.

Ox-blood Lips: It adds a touch of radiance to your lips. The dark intensity of the colour adds perfect highlight to your outfit and mood.

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Deep Purple: This colour shade is a great companion and it proves out to be a confident colour. Try these shades in a matte or semi-glossy finish to make it look modern and simplified. It also covers up your lip giving you a deep berry look.

Two-Tone Lips

Two-Tone Lips: The world goes over when you wear a Two-Tone lip colour. These two-toned neon lips are quite the statement and you will require a lot of confidence to carry it, as there are going to be many heads swooning at you for looking different yet so gorgeous.

The world is now moving out of comfort zones when it comes to wearing trends, be it fashion or makeup. There is a juxtaposition of old meets new, ever now and then when defining trends. Why go the subtle way with the same lip colours you have been dawning until now? Add some fun, fashion to your look with these bold lip colours to try for the total fearless.

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