Lighten, Brighten & Whiten Your Skin the Hollywood Way

Do you feel Halle Berry’s latest pictures make her look fairer than she used to be? Have you noticed Rihanna’s skin lightening with each new picture you stumble upon? Well, is this just some old fashioned air brushing or is something really cooking?  

lighten skin tone

This may not come as a shock to many; but, many celebrities undergo skin whitening treatments and procedures to lighten their skin tone. We aren’t pointing fingers here, ladies; we understand that you need those looks to keep rocking. But, won’t you, dear readers, want to be let in on a secret or two about skin whitening?

You’re in luck; we’ve got some juicy celeb skin whitening secrets for you. Read ahead and go the Hollywood way as you get one step closer to flawless, glowing and fairer skin.

A Single Product is Never Enough  

Looks matter the most in Hollywood; don’t you agree? That’s exactly why our favorite celebrities do not depend on a single product or treatment to work their way to fairer skin. Using a single product will take its own course of time to give you the results you desire; whereas, a set of products and treatments which suit your skin type can do the trick.

Beauty is skin deep; but lighter skin goes way deeper than that. You will need a generous amount of cash flow to invest in lightening lotions, whitening creams, bleaching products, chemical agents, dietary plans, nutritional supplements, medical procedures and makeup for lighter, brighter and whiter skin.

Commonly Known Celebrity Skin Whitening Methods

There are some treatments which can never be kept a secret, especially when our favorite celebs are spotted regularly with much lighter complexions than before.

Whitening Creams & Lotions

The cosmetic market is brimming with whitening creams and lotions. Although results appear gradually, they are certainly an option for the price conscious light-skin-enthusiast.

Bleaching Agents

Every woman has tried a bleaching product at least once in her life. A bleaching product is also a woman’s handy beauty-fix-it a day before her birthday, anniversary, date, party or wedding. It makes your skin feel lighter and supple, doesn’t it?

Chemical Peels

The process of chemical peels involves peeling away tanned skin to reveal the fresher, flawless and lighter skin beneath the superficial layer.


Microdermabrasion gets rid of superficial dead skin layers to bring out the best glow in your skin.

LED Light Treatments

In LED light treatments, the skin is exposed to light of various colors and frequencies to stimulate the production of collagen, leading to fairer and glowing skin.

Natural Agents

Quite a few celebrities believe in keeping it natural. Using eggs, lemon juice, papaya extracts, mayonnaise and grated carrot as a natural face pack is known for its skin bleaching properties and the removal of dark spots.

Which one of these treatments are you going to try?

Be Realistic

While undergoing any beauty treatment, define your goals while keeping reality in mind. Remember that you cannot go from one extreme of the color palette to the other extreme. Every procedure has its limitations and risks. Also, you cannot work your way towards your goals overnight. Even your favorite celebrities begin with flaws and imperfections. But never forget that, consulting a dermatologist before starting out is a prerequisite to undergoing any beauty treatment.

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