Lehenga Style Sarees – The New makeover

When it comes to Indian fashion, sarees play a crucial role. Of late, lehenga style sarees have stirred up the fashion scene for Indian women. Fusion by nature, these lehenga style sarees bring two traditional Indian dresses together to create a fashion that draws attention that it very rightly deserves. These sarees allow women to become the focal point in any occasion.

About the Lehenga Style Sarees

The lehenga style sarees are a fusion between traditional lehenga and sarees. On one hand when lehengas are known for their style, the sarees on the other hand are known for their ethnic values and cultural roots. Together they form a fusion that is stunning and glamorous. These sarees are generally 4.5 to 5.5 meters long. As with any other form of saree, these sarees too require a petticoat and can be worn with a conventional choli associated with ghagra or lehenga [1]. Any conventional style blouse can also be used. The choli used with lehenga style sarees are generally of backless style or halter neck style or deep neck style.

Lehenga Style Sarees

Lehenga Style Sarees
Lehenga Style Sarees

Ease of Use

Lehenga style sarees are easy to use. You are not required to create pleats. All you need to do is tuck in and drape. Yes, it is that easy! The pleats are replaced by embellished panels or gotas on the front providing a flared silhouette which remains the characteristic feature of a lehenga style saree.

Why to Use Lehenga Style Sarees?

On one hand when staying fashionable is a requirement that cannot be ignored, on the other hand Indian women cannot even ignore the traditional and cultural values. Lehenga style sarees serve both! Because of their simplicity, they are very convenient to use and they always tend to give a sense of perfect fit for all body types, making the body look even. These sarees do not only give a fresh look but are also easy to maintain. Comfort is essential – ain’t it?

Lehenga Style Sarees
Lehenga Style Sarees
Lehenga Style Sarees

For Everyone!

Yes, colors and designs play a vital role. Different women will have different tastes when it comes to selecting the shades and designs. Of course skin complexion and body type like height, waistline, shape etc. cannot be ignored either! Lehenga style sarees come with an assorted range of colors and designs. From traditional shades to abstract designs, from floral prints to embellishments – lehenga style sarees are available in every imaginable design. If heavy embroidery is your type of fashion, you are in luck! You can find lehenga style sarees with heavy embroidery in an assorted range of colors that can match up with your selection of accessories. When it comes to choice of fabric, lehenga style sarees will not let you down either! Crepe, silk, net, chiffon – you just need to name the one you like and you will find one sitting on store shelves.

Where to Buy?

Any leading women’s fashion store will sell these lehenga style sarees. Apart from this, there are online stores too that offer these fashion garments at discounted rates and even offer free home delivery! The bottom line is – if you want one, you can always get one.

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