Learn Perfect Applications of Blush for Different Face Shapes

The application of blush can make or break your look. If you are not doing it by keeping your face shape in mind, you are doing it all wrong.  But the question is, how to master the art of applying blush? Well, go through rest of the post to know how people with different face shapes should get their blush on:

1. For Round Face

Proper application of blush can slim down a round face, while adding definition to it. Start with sucking your cheeks in and glide the blush brush over the area under your cheekbones in an up-down motion. Just begin from the ear and go towards your mouth along your cheekbone. Also, apply a little blush to your chin and blend well. But strictly avoid the apples of your cheeks.

Applications of Blush for for Round Face

2. For Square Face

Your aim should be to soften the wide, strong and sharply angled jaw line of the square face with the application of blush. So, dab it straight to the apples of your cheeks and blend properly by sweeping the brush in a circular motion. You can also just figure out the hollows of your cheeks and apply the blush softly towards the external edges of your eyes starting from there.

Applications of Blush for for Square Face

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3. For Oval Face

When it comes to applying blush to an oval face, maintaining balance turns out to be the most vital thing. You need to focus on the upper section of your face as going beneath the cheekbones can make your jaw line appear considerably heavier. Hence, glide the blush brush carefully over your cheekbones. Blend it up towards your ears, but do not go past the outer corners of your eyes.

Applications of Blush for for Oval Face

4. For Long Face

A super long and narrow face can be made to look way shorter as well as wider just by getting tricky with the application of blush. Basically, you need to start from the apples of your cheeks and swipe your blush in a horizontal motion towards the external edges of your eyes. You can also start from underneath your cheekbones and blend up to your temples. For the maximum effects, apply a little amount of blush right under your lip dip too.

Applications of Blush for for Long Face

5. For Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face lacks the fullness of cheeks, which can be achieved by applying blush properly. You can follow the process similar to contouring in order to balance out your delicate ballerina face and create an illusion of fuller cheeks. Start applying the blush from your ears and reach the external edges of your eyes across the outer corners of your cheekbones. The width of your forehead can also be softened by blending a little blush towards the center from the temple areas.

Applications of Blush for for Heart Shaped Face

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6. For Triangular Face

The wide forehead of a triangular face should be balanced perfectly with the narrower chin and blush can help you do it in the right way. Apply it on your cheekbones in the shape of a sidewise ‘V’ and blend gently up to your temple areas. You can also expand the application slightly over your eye brows in order to reach the center of your forehead.

Applications of Blush for for Triangular Face

7. For Diamond-Shaped Face

The bottom half should be turned into the point of attraction in a diamond-shaped face. Make wise use of blush for this purpose. Apply it along the upper section of your cheekbones and blend well in the direction of ears. It will draw your eyes down a bit and emphasize your cheekbones to a great extent.

Applications of Blush for for Diamond Shaped Face

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