Learn All About the Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

A pair of beautiful feet is incomplete without nicely painted toenails and simple yet cute toe rings. But if you develop toenail fungus due to various reasons, you will end up spoiling the pleasing appearance of your feet completely. While oral medications can help you fight against this unsightly disease with certain risks and side effects, laser treatment can give you amazing results without causing any harm to you. Know all about the laser toenail fungus treatment from this article:

Laser Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

What is Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment?

Laser toenail fungus treatment is a cosmetic procedure in which laser light is used to treat the condition called ‘nail fungus’ or ‘onychomycosis’ effectively. As a result, we get rid of thick, yellow and fragile nails. The process also helps us combat conditions like incurvated as well as smelling nails. In short, it is a great alternative to traditional toe nail fungus treatments with no significant risks.

How Does It Work?

  • A focused laser beam of narrow range is passed through the toenails. It does not cause any potential damage to them or the adjacent skin, but warms up the skin present right below the tainted nail bed gently.
  • As soon as the target temperature is generated, the laser light reaches the pathogens causing infections. It vaporizes them in order to make the nail beds as well as nail plates clear.
  • As the infected nails are removed, the growth of new nails is promoted.
  • Every single session of this treatment may take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes.

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  • Almost 65% people get positive results by undergoing the laser toenail fungus treatment. Infections are more often than not healed completely.
  • You should not expect instant outcomes. The toenails will become clearer and grow out afresh over time. The healthy natural growth will start anytime within the first 3 months and continue up to 9 months.
  • The final effects can be maintained by applying a post-laser treatment anti-fungal toenail cream like L-arginine.

Recovery Time

The procedure of laser toenail fungus treatment has no downtime. You will be released from the doctor’s office as soon as the process will be over. There might be a little pain and warming sensation in the nail bed for some time after the treatment. But all these will get subsidized in a few minutes.

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Risks and Side Effects

The laser toenail fungus treatment is known to have zero side effects, which is one of the biggest advantages of the procedure. However, there is always a possibility of reinfection and you need to follow your doctor’s suggestions in order to prevent this.



  • The best alternative to oral medications that have long been used for treating toenail fungus.
  • There is no significant side effect of the procedure.
  • The downtime of the method is almost zero.
  • It is absolutely safe and secure.
  • No pain is associated with it.
  • No anesthesia or pill is required for this technique.
  • A single treatment is enough to cure the problem.
  • You can paint and decorate your nails right after the treatment.


The total cost of the procedure depends upon quite a few factors including the number of nails to be treated. However, you may need to spend $800 to $1,500 in average.

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