Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cleansing

Be it any weather or activity levels, you all girls need you daily need of freshness. Of course maintaining skin and healthy body tops the list and not always the easiest to do with more pressing demands on time of work, school and even plain procrastination!

We will list down some simple yet effective tips to try out while maybe you are on the phone and just watching t.v. for the day. Of course having the least chemical abrasions ensure longer natural skin and lesser loss of natural oils from the skin.

So being a little lazy with the chemical routines might not be such a bad idea!


Dealing With The Dead :

  • Dead skin is the biggest time consumer for producing a quality skin texture. Dead skin mostly accumulates on legs, hands and neck areas where its most visible.
  • The easiest way to do this for the visible areas is to just sit and scrub with a loofah with a little of scrub cream which contains grains along with cream to ensure hydration.
  • A little bit of mindless scrubbing on the dirt areas will also ensure cleaner and smoother skin.
  • Another way is to use the left over tea leaves from your daily cuppa and mix with any creamy ingredient which smoothens your skin.

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Washing The Daily Grime Away – Daily! :

  • No matter what the time after the party or office – the biggest sin you can do is not wash away the daily dirt and grime and even make-up before going to bed.
  • This is because the dirt and chemicals from the make-up interferes with the natural process of skin repair and make the potential areas dryer than they would have become.

Lazy Girl's Guide to Cleansing

Try And Use One Cream :

  • Yes its very tempting to watch a beautiful advertisement showing flawless skin after using the ointment from the beautiful bottle packaged to tempt.
  • Yet you all know the burning of the money is not directly proportional to the benefit achieved from every product.
  • Hence the simplest way is to find a product that satisfies if not all, most of your needs. Be it an anti-ageing, sun screen, cold cream, moisturising lotion all work well if used in the right quantity at the right intervals. So go ahead and discover your Mr Right!

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Just Cheat The Sun :

  • Easiest thing to do is prevention rather than cure. Waiting for the sun-burns to go away is not an easy task.
  • Just cheat the sun by using umbrellas, cool shades, large hats, even a stole tied around your face sometime during extra heat.
  • No matter what they say – no amount of sun screen will keep the heat burns at bay. The best and easiest thing to do is just ensure it doesn’t get onto your skin directly.

Drink And Eat It Up :

  • You have heard it over and over and yes it still stands true – drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily and atleast a bowl of fresh fruit ( not canned) available.
  • Fruits are sources of rich minerals which help in collagen repair and tissue formation – So yes it does directly affect your skin.
  • Water is another cleanser for your entire body which makes the all the fatty soluble drain out of your system.
  • To bring an extra zing – add honey and lemon to lukewarm water to have in the morning as well as anytime during the day.
  • Another alternative is green tea which works as an effective cleanser.

So its not very time consuming to be in the best of your cleanliness of your skin as well. Its not the number of processes and products you use but the simple and disciplined steps you take daily.

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