Latest Trends in Black Weave Hairstyles

Why do women wear weaves, especially African American women? Weaves give you a great option to experiment with different lengths and styles of hair without waiting for your natural hair to grow out of your previous haircut. Also, the African american women who have hair that needs a lot of heat and styling in order to make it manageable, prefer to protect their natural tresses by wearing weaves. It gives them the freedom to experiment without damaging their natural hair. When their natural hair remains protected from heat and humidity, it also tends to grow well. Women who are going natural and are off relaxers find black weave hairstyles the best way to protect their hair and also wear a rocking style at the same time.

We show you here some gorgeous black weave hairstyles that are doing the rounds which you can try to transform your look.

1. Naomi Campbell’s Long Weave Hairstyle

Naomi Campbell's Long Weave Hairstyle

The voluminous bangs and the thick luscious straight locks make Naomi Campbell look like a diva. Get your weaves sewn into the hair but not so tight that it causes damage to your hairline. The bangs and the layers need constant upkeep and trimming.

2. Keke Palmer Weaves

Keke Palmer Weaves

Keke Palmer uses these beautifully done seamless weaves to get lengthy and bouncy hair. The length and the styling help the teen sensation look older than her years and more mature.

3. Lauren London’s Sew in Weave

Lauren London's Sew in Weave

Lauren London’s natural looking weaves are sew-ins that she takes utmost care of. The hair parted slightly off the center falls down in gorgeous waves. The natural hair is styled into braids that are clipped onto the scalp in a big round and the weave is sown into the braids. This weave lasts about 3 weeks.

4. Beyonce’s Medium Length curly weaves

Beyonce's Medium Length curly weaves

Beyonce is one beauty who loves experimenting with various hairstyles and weaves come in handy for her. Be it straight hair or waves or curls, she wears them all. In this pic, she rocks the medium length highlighted golden curls. While her natural hair is difficult to manage, the weaves give her an option to style her hair as she wants to.

5. Wendy Raquel Robinson’s short weaves

Wendy Raquel Robinson's short weaves

One does not always have to get weaves just to increase the length of the hair. Woven hairstyles can be great when they are kept short too! It is hard to find out that Wendy Raquel Robinson’s hair is woven and not natural, it is done that well. She wears diagonal bangs and asymmetrically cut very short hair with highlights. The weaves thus give you the freedom to experiment with short hair when you feel like it, without you needing to chop off the length.

6. Rihanna’s short curly weaves

Rihanna's short curly weaves

Again, it is absolutely impossible to say that those are not Rihanna’s natural hair. She wears her weaves short and curled, with a few curly bangs falling on the sides of her face and on side of of her forehead. The weaves are curled all over for a really short and cropped look while the natural hair stays safely nestled under them, free from any styling.

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