Key Questions to Ask about Plastic Surgery Costs

If after a lot of thinking and weighing of pros and cons, you have decided to go in for plastic surgery in order to correct or enhance your appearance and are relieved about making the decision, don’t rest just yet. You still have the herculean task of finding the right plastic surgeon who can give you satisfactory results at the right cost. In the course of shortlisting your plastic surgeon, we tell you here as to what are the key questions to ask about plastic surgery costs.

Shortlist Plastic Surgeons first

After deciding to go in for surgery, start shortlisting plastic surgeons in your area  first. Go through our guide about how to pick a plastic surgeon for more details. You need to make sure that your plastic surgeon is board certified. Be wary of the cosmetic surgeons who advertise and promise you great results at low prices since they may be not board certified and can botch up the job. You don’t want to entrust your features to someone who is not qualified enough to do the surgery. Once you have picked a couple of surgeons, it is time to start visiting them for consultations.

Questions to ask about Plastic Surgery costs

plastic surgery consultation

The most important thing with the consultation is to build a good level of trust with the plastic surgeon through a candid conversation. Lay out your expectations clearly. The plastic surgeon should tell you about what the surgery will entail and will set realistic expectations. He or she will also make you aware of the risks. Take a look at the before and after pictures of the past work of the surgeon. Once you are happy with the results, get down to talking about the costs involved in the surgery. While discussing the cost, the key questions you would have to keep in mind are:

  • Plastic surgery is not covered by your insurance. Most surgeons ask you to pay the surgeon’s fee in advance. Find out how your plastic surgeon operates – whether any upfront payment needs to be made so that the finances can be taken care of.
  • The costs that you would incur include the surgeon’s fee, the cost of the medical facility, prescriptions, tests conducted before the surgery, anesthesia and surgical garments. If the procedure is conducted in the surgeon’s clinic, then you would not have to shell out extra. However, it is always suggested that you undergo the procedure in a well equipped surgical facility so that you have support at hand in case something goes wrong during the surgery.
  • The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will give you the average surgeon’s fee for various procedures  on their portal. The price charged by your surgeon should be in that range and not too high.
  • Find out from your surgeon if his fee also includes the cost of rectification or correction in case the end result is not satisfactory.
  • Chances of contracting an infection are high after a plastic surgery. So gather information about the kind of support you would get in case of any need for post operative care and if that would cost extra.
  • Another rule is to refrain from bargaining too much when you are discussing the cost of the surgery. You want the surgeon to do a good job out of the surgery. Be ready to pay the industry standard. But if the surgeon quotes a fee that is very high compared to the average, then you might want to consider a different surgeon.

Now that you are armed with the questions, make sure you get all your queries answered before the surgery. We wish you success!

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