How to Keep Your Gemstone Jewelry As Good As New for Years

Do you find it tough to maintain your gemstone jewelry? Worried about how to take care of those expensive stones and keep the ornaments intact for years? Do not worry. We are here to help you. Check out the following tips to make your task of maintaining gemstone jewelry easier:

Gemstone Jewelry

Common Maintenance Tips for All Gemstone Jewelry

Always keep your gemstone jewelry away from makeup items, skin care products, perfume, etc. Being set in metal sockets, they get damaged by different chemicals when come in contact of such cosmetics.

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Carat of a gemstone is much more important than its cut. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that there is no scratch on their surfaces. Be very careful while cleaning the ornaments and handle them with care in order to avoid all types of scratch.

Use a piece of soft cloth for cleaning off gemstone jewelry. The best fabric that can be used for this purpose is silk or muslin. However, you can also make use of a non-abrasive brush with soft bristles.

Putting the gemstone jewelry in boxes with closed lids right after washing is a bad practice. There must be a breathing time of 45 to 60 minutes between the cleaning and storing of the ornaments. You can wipe the tiny droplets of water away from the jewelry with the help of a clean dry cloth and allow them to get dry completely.

Never ever store your gemstone jewelry in velvet napkins or plastic pouches. It will make the stones more prone to drop out of their metal settings. Rather, place them in a hand jewelry box in proper way so that the position of the gems remains intact.

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Special Maintenance Tips for Certain Gemstone Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry: Being one of the hardest stones, diamond can be soaked in lukewarm or hot soapy water for as long as 1 hour and then dried out to prevent residue. Mild cleaners or solvents that do not contain ammonia are considered as the best option for cleaning diamond jewelry. You can also use mechanical cleaners or vodka to add shine to them.

Coral Jewelry: Unlike diamond, coral is extremely delicate and hence, you should never use hot water for cleaning it. Mechanical cleaners, chemical solvents, abrasive brushes, etc. are also not suitable for them. However, you can take a piece of soft damp fabric and wipe up the ornaments gently with that. Ethyl alcohol can also be a good option for this purpose.

Emerald Jewelry: Form a lather by mixing a gentle washing powder with some lukewarm water and place your emerald jewelry in it. Alternatively, you can clean them with a soft brush and mop with a piece of moist cloth. Avoid using mechanical cleaners and chemical solvents. Re-oiling the stones periodically is also vital for taking care of emerald ornaments.

Turquoise Jewelry: Heat is the biggest enemy of turquoise jewelry. So, do not use hot water for cleaning them off. Any type of chemical or mechanical cleaner is also bad for turquoise. You can simply take a spongy damp cloth piece and wipe the stones away with it.

Sapphire Jewelry: Soapy lukewarm water is good for hard stones like sapphire. Make use of a non-abrasive brush. Mechanical cleaners can also be used for cleaning this type of jewelry.

Follow these tips and keep your gemstone jewelry as good as new for years.

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