Keep Your Eye Wrinkles at Bay with Face Yoga

We all hate those ugly creases which emerge under our eyes as we grow older. After all, who likes to be called ‘aged’? But from common face expressions to regular sun exposure, each and everything contributes to the quick loss of collagen around our eye area and makes eye wrinkles unavoidable with aging. So, what is the way to make yourself look younger even in 60s by keeping those creases at bay? Well, the much-awaited answer is ‘face yoga’.

How Yoga Can Help You Combat Eye Wrinkles

Just like regular yoga can help you tone up your body, increase your potency and suppleness, and take care of your overall health by fighting against the signs of aging, face yoga intended for eyes can also prevent the collagen loss around your eye area and put a stop to the easy development of fine lines or at least reduce them drastically. The dynamic face yoga exercises are simple yet very effective ways to tighten the skin of the eye area by strengthening the eye muscles, making the circulatory system more active, flushing out toxins, minimizing the growth of facial skin and above all, boosting the production of collagen as well as elastin in the body. The tricks of yoga not only help in decreasing the wear and tear of the eye area but also play a key role in toning the entire facial skin.

Facial Workouts to Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles

1. Place your middle fingers amid your eyebrows jointly. Your index fingers should be put at the external edges of both your eyes. Now, start applying pressure with the index fingers by keeping the middle fingers steady. At the same time, have a look upward and make sure that your lower eyelids also move up as you peep. Repeat the process for 6 times and shut your eyes tightly for 10 seconds at the end.

Eye Wrinkles with Yoga

2. Create an ‘O’ with your lips. Your teeth must not be visible and your lips should be at a distance. Position both your index fingers underneath your eyes in a parallel manner and fix your glance on something above your head. Then, flap your top eye lids as well as lashes at least for 30 seconds.

Eye Wrinkles with Yoga

3. Start with positioning your first fingers right above your eye sockets. They should face upwards while resting on each side of the root of the nasal bridge and fit inside the orbits completely. Now, move them gently to make inward circles and rouse the circulation of blood throughout the area.

Eye Wrinkles with Yoga

4. Move your eyeballs in a right-left and up-down manner by keeping your head, neck and rest of the face fixed. Keep your eyes closed for the next 5 seconds and do the step once again. While opening your eyes this time, make sure that your brows are straight. Look at something kept in front of you and deep breath for 4 times. Finally, close your eyes and relax.

Eye Wrinkles with Yoga

5. Put the tips of your index fingers under your eyes in such a manner that they sit on your lower eye sockets smoothly. Now, wide open your eyes and start making small circles in an outward motion. Do this for 30 seconds and then relax.

Eye Wrinkles with Yoga

Just follow these five face yoga methods for your eyes regularly and you will certainly spot the differences in your eye area within a few days!

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