Karela Juice For Hair Care

‘Bitter gourd’, locally known as Karela. There are few things this little thing can’t do!It has so many uses that you wouldn’t have believed were possible in a single product, a natural one too for that matter!For this article let’s see the magic it could work on your hair, solving multiple frustrating hair problems with utter ease and quickness.Here is a list of 6 major and most common hair problems that Karela seems to have no problem with.

Karela Juice For Hair Care

Super shiny hair!

They are so many products in the market to help your hair shine but there’s something in your own backyard that can outmatch any other artificial product! Yes, Karela can give you that lustrous shine when used alongside curd. Simply extract the Karela juice by grinding it, add it to half a cup of curd and apply it on your hair. Let it soak for 30 to 40 minutes and then rinse off with normal water. Woo, you’re done!

Prevent premature greying of hair

This could be the worst hair problem in a way. Because no one wants to look old in their 20’s…right? Well,  in solving the premature greying problem Karela is once again to the rescue.  Grind and extract the thick juice from Karela,  apply it over the grey hair strands and allow it to dry for an hour or two.  Rinse off and let the hair dry naturally.  Repeat this every 10 days to reduce grey hair.

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Dry scalp, no more. 

Dry scalp is another annoying thing to have which you would want to get rid of as soon as you can. Once again you can just treat it with Karela in quite a simple way. Cut a Karela into pieces and massage it on your scalp in the circular motion.  Rinse off with normal water.

*Poof*, done.

Get rid of the annoying Split ends

No matter how well you care for your hair, split ends seem to be inevitable. Well, not with this.  Just apply Karela juice as mentioned earlier, two times a week to note huge differences.

Karela Juice For Hair Care

Dandruff is history!

Dandruff is one of the most irritating hair problems you could ever face. All that itching and stuff, eww no thanks. As if that isn’t enough, to add to the dandruff, it is contagious.  But worry not, for Karela once again turns out to be the best possible solution. By preparing and using a hair pack that is made out of Karela juice is easy and can treat your problem quickly and effectively.  Mix Karela juice with cumin seeds paste and spread it on your hair.  Allow it to dry for some time and then rinse off with luke warm water.  Do this remedy for 2-3 times a week to control the growth of dandruff and eventually get rid of it.

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Darkening hair.

It is not uncommon for people to lose their shine or colour of hair over time. But more often than not, you would need it back, be it for special occasions or just whatever reason. For this you don’t need expensive hair dyes or other products, just cut and roast the bitter gourd pieces in coconut oil until they become brown. Once they do, take them out, extract the oil and apply it on your scalp.  Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with Luke warm water.  Repeat this once or twice a week and you not only get your colour and texture back but your hair would also be a lot smoother.

No more hair fall, for real!

Hair fall is a common problem for many in the modern world.  It not only affects your hair, but also your overall looks and greatly diminishes your self-confidence. It is best if you identify and nip it in the bud. The identifying part is easy, but getting rid of it is where Karela comes in. Apply Karela juice to scalp along with a small amount of sugar evenly,  leave it for some time until it turns dry and then rinse off to cure the hair fall problem naturally.

So, all in all Karela or bitter gourd is an amazing natural hair care product about which we would go as far as saying ‘the best’ .If you haven’t tried this yet,you are seriously missing out on a lot.Get it in your local market and start working it on your hair right away!

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