Jovees Kajal Review

I’ve long been thinking of trying a herbal kohl and finally I’ve got this one i.e. Jovees Kajal. The strawberry facewash from this herbal brand impressed me very much earlier. So, I picked it up with my fingers crossed. Read on below to know what you should expect from this natural kajal.

Product Description

Jovees Kajal is a herbal kohl that makes use of ancient Ayurvedic beauty recipes. It is a precisely prepared eye product that comprises three natural ingredients – Triphala, almond oil, and natural carbon along with certain other effective herbs. Triphala is made of three deseeded myrobalans, such as Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki, which are mixed in equal parts to keep our eyes healthy. Triphala can also boost our vision by providing antioxidant benefits, killing microbes and strengthening our immune system. Almond oil can speed up the growth of our eye lashes naturally, while natural carbon gives the black color of the kohl.

Jovees Kajal Review


  • Active Ingredients: Triphala (Bibhitaki – Terminalia Belerica, Amalaki – Emblica Officinalis, Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula), almond oil and natural carbon
  • Inactive Ingredients: Not Mentioned

Shelf Life:

3 years


Draw thin lines along the inner lids of your eyes carefully and leave them on. This kajal is intended for daily use.

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Rs. 90 for 3 gm.


Easily available in all beauty stores (both online and offline)

Jovees Kajal Review


Jovees Kajal is a conically-shaped product, which comes in a small black plastic tube with metallic upper part. The tube is easily retractable and covered by a transparent cap with the logo printed on it. It is placed inside a simple and not-so-attractive paper packaging. However, the kohl tube is very easy to hold as well as use. Being lightweight and small in size, it can be carried in the purse with no trouble.

My Take on Jovees Kajal:

Jovees kajal is a completely herbal kohl, which is why I got attracted to this one. My eyes are quite allergy-prone and I have glasses. So I was looking for something that is not loaded with harmful chemicals. Needless to say, this kajal is packed with herbal goodness. The triphala takes great care of eyes without causing any irritation, inflammation, burning sensation, or infection. In short, it is absolutely safe with ZERO side effects.

Jovees Kajal Review

The texture of the kohl is very much impressive. It is soft, smooth and creamy due to the presence of almond oil in it. As said before, it is shaped conically with a pointed end at the top, which makes the process of application quite easy and convenient. I never have to struggle in order to glide it on my delicate waterline as the amazing texture of the product turns it into a cake walk. There is no powdery element or any broken piece in it as found in most of the other similar products. Hence, application is pretty comfortable too. It also comes off the eyes very easily and you don’t need to use makeup remover for this.

It contains natural carbon, which gives a nice dark black color right after the application. Though the pigmentation looks to be quite good, the color payoff is not that well. Due to its huge oil content, the color fades off shockingly fast! You can expect it to last on your eyes not more than half an hour without fading! It also smudges a lot, thereby giving you awful ‘panda-eyes’! In short, you can never add a definition to your eyes or get that sexy black finish with it.

Though the almond oil present in it claims to help in the growth of eye lashes, I’ve not experienced anything like that. My lashes were never long and dense and they are still in that condition. So, this claim of the company is not at all true.

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  • Completely herbal
  • Soft, creamy texture
  • Glides easily on the waterline
  • Perfectly suitable for waterline
  • No irritation or stinging effect
  • No side effect
  • Contains no powdery element
  • Nice pigmentation
  • Easy to avail
  • Doesn’t need a makeup remover to remove
  • Light-weight tube
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t stay long
  • Smudges easily to give panda eyes
  • Being rich in oil, it fades away fast (sometimes even within 30 minutes!)
  • Doesn’t facilitate the growth of eye lashes
  • Doesn’t come with a sharpener
  • Melts within the tube (to some extent) in hot and humid weather

Jovees Kajal Review

Rating: 2 / 5

Will I Recommend?

No. There are lots of better alternatives to this kajal in the market. Do not go for it unless and until you want a short-lived kohl for yourself.


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