Jagua Tattoo Designs – Top 10 Picks

Though they are called Tattoos but Jagua tattoo are essentially painless decorative body arts which are made with juice of Jagua plant. They are so intricate that they often look like permanent tattoos, however, jaguar tattoos are temporary. If you want the charm of tattoo for a smaller period of time, these painless tattoos are the best choice. To aid you in making your mind, BeautyGlimpse presents a list of top Jagua tattoo designs –

jagua tattoo

Top 10 Picks

1. The green color in this tattoo gives an impression of real black ‘n’ white tattoo. Adorn your wrist with such attractive designs!

jagua tattoo 1

2.  Getting a full leg real tattoo design can be extremely painful. Chuck the sensation of needles with Jagua tattoos and adorn your entire feet with great patterns.

jagua tattoo 2

3. Going for a beachwear party? Sneak into an oceanic garb with this mermaid artistically crafted on your forearm or shoulder. Remove it after the party and get back in your formals…

jagua tattoo 3

4.  When out for a picnic or casual get-together, I want to complement my pair of sneakers with a great motif tattoo. But, I don’t have courage to bear the needle-sensation of real tattoos. So, this black jagua pattern is my way-out for a casual tattoo designing.

jagua tattoo 4

5. Are you a participant of boxing match in inter-college sports meet? Make a roaring presence with this jaguar tattoo crafted on your wrist, hand and forearm.

jagua tattoo 5

6. Getting ready for college fest? How about getting jagua angel wings to complement your sexy back? Wear a halter to perfectly show-off these adorable wings.

jagua tattoo 6
Your sultry figure has all the elements to create stir in a fashion parade. Make it hotter with this intricate jaguar tattoo pattern.

jagua tattoo 7

8. If you don’t want those big angel wings, this small wing is the deal for you. Wear a backless to bring its perfect view afore.

jagua tattoo 8

9. Getting a face crafted will be too painful if you opt for real tattoo. Suffice your big tattoo cravings with help of jaguar tattoo design.

jagua tattoo 9

10.  A pretty jagua tattoo can be your adornment for a formal party too. This sparkling blue tattoo is looking sublime with matching blue gown…

jagua tattoo 10

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