Is Coconut Water worth the Hype? Here’s 10 Reasons

Many ingredients in your kitchen offer great benefits for your health, hair and beauty. Perhaps none of them has the potency of coconut water. Coconut water is among the few foods that have all round benefits and is easily available all across the world.

Coconut Water

Recent studies in the western countries have deemed coconut water to be a healthier alternative to sports drinks. This has obviously led to a surge in the sale of coconut water in those countries. In India, however, coconut water has been a part of the tradition for centuries. It is a common place ingredient and a preferred thirst quencher as well. If you have been especially fond of coconut water, you are going to be very proud of your choice. You want to know why?

1.  Coconut Water Loads You with Energy

With its high carbohydrate content, coconut water instantly replenishes your energy stores. If you are a runner, or someone who has been indulging in physical labor, coconut water is certainly going to help you. Take a break between your exercise or your work, and sip on some cool, fresh coconut water. You will feel your energies seeping back into your body. A cup of coconut water contains only 45 calories, but is deeply nourishing and hydrating.

2. Coconut Water Reduces High Blood Pressure

Coconut water helps increase the HDL, automatically bringing down your LDL or the bad cholesterol. It is also rich in potassium, which helps regulate the beating of the heart and controls sodium in the blood, taking care of the cardiovascular system. Several studies have highlighted the abilities of coconut water in maintaining normal levels of cholesterol, regulating blood pressure and improving overall cardiovascular health.

3. Coconut Water Increases Immunity

Coconut water contains a compound known as lauric acid. This acid has natural microbicidal properties. Drinking the water from a coconut can help sterilize your body internally. It also helps your body protect itself from a lot of illnesses caused due to viruses, bacteria or fungus. Drinking a glass of coconut water every day keeps you healthier and fights the infection that surrounds you.

4. Coconut Water Keeps you Hydrated

Coconut water is full of electrolytes. Most importantly, it has the five electrolytes which are present in the human body. So if you are feeling tired or dehydrated, sipping on some cold coconut water will help you replenish what you had lost. Coconut water can especially have a role to play in keeping your body hydrated during extreme heat or physical distress. It is one of this reasons that coconut water is being pushed as a healthier and better alternative to sports drinks.

5. Coconut Water Helps You Lose Weight

A single cup of coconut water contains about 45 calories. It is also more satiating than a regular glass of water and it keeps you full for longer. The nutrients and soluble fibers of your body urge your metabolism to work harder, improving your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This helps you lose weight without resorting to a diet. Since coconut water also keeps you full for longer, it prevents you from snacking unhealthy and piling on extra, unwanted calories.

6. Coconut Water Improves Digestion

With all its tasteful goodness, coconut water also contains a slew of helpful enzymes. These enzymes aid the digestive enzymes present in the body to improve overall metabolism and digestion. Drinking coconut water regularly is known to help with digestive discomfort and digestive irregularity too.

7. Coconut Water Promotes Skin Health

What your beauty sleep cannot do for you, coconut water can. Though it does not contain fats or oils, it has a mile moisturizing effect on the skin. Rubbing your skin with coconut water can help keep it soft and smooth for days. You can add some of it to your shower gel and reap its moisturizing benefits. Your skin will become softer and you will also see a drastic reduction in both acne and blackheads.

8. Coconut Water is Great for Pregnant Women

Since coconut water helps improve digestion and treat both acidity and indigestion, it can be a great remedy for women who experience morning sickness during their pregnancy. Though it is not clear how, coconut water also helps boost the amount of amniotic fluid in a woman’s womb.

9. Coconut Water is a Powerhouse of Nutrients

Apart from its therapeutic properties, coconut water also has a lot of nutrients. It is rich in potassium and drinking one cup of it can offer you 15% of your daily RDA of magnesium, 10% RDA of vitamin C and 17% RDA of manganese.

10. Coconut Water has a Low Glycemic Index

With its low glycemic index, coconut water is an effective replacement for most cold drinks and beer. It causes a very low spike in blood sugar, and therefore can even be enjoyed by the ever cautious diabetics.

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