Irish Beauty Secrets to Help you Get Gorgeous

The Irish love their beer and potatoes and all things fried. And yet they are blessed with the most gorgeous skin and hair. They use a lot of locally available natural ingredients in their beauty regimen to look as spectacular as they do. Want to know how? We let you in on some of the Irish Beauty Secrets that will help you get gorgeous.

Irish Beauty Secrets to help you become Drop Dead Gorgeous 

Beer in the belly, beer in the hair 

beer for skin and hair

Don’t just sit there and drink Irish beer but also use a pint of the famous Irish Guinness as a hair rinse. Oil you hair and shampoo it as usual. Once you have rinsed the shampoo off your  hair, pour a pint of beer onto the hair as a last rinse. The beer is rich in proteins that bind onto your hair and will condition your hair and make your locks really soft and shiny.

Read more about how beer is great for your hair here

Barley Water for Acne 

Barley is the staple cereal of Ireland. Barley can be incorporated in your daily regimen in the form of barley water. You can read about barley water and its benefits hereDrinking a cup of barley water everyday will keep your body cool and will control acne breakouts. It will also fill you with more vitality and energy. So go ahead make make a cup of barley water right away and guzzle it up like the Irish do.

Seaweed Wrap 

Seaweed Wrap

A seaweed bath is a popular beauty regimen in Ireland where seaweed from the ocean is harvested and is added to the bathtub so that the Irish beauties can gain from all the minerals and nourishing ingredients in the seaweed. If you do not have access to a seaweed bath, then the next closest thing that you can do is to pay a visit to your local salon and get yourself a seaweed wrap that will tighten your skin and bring a warm glow to it.

Oatmeal Facial 

Oats are another popular cereal in Ireland. Oats are not just consumed, but are used in a variety of beauty treatments. So if you wanna glow like the irish, then pick up your packet of oatmeal and make an oatmeal facial with oats mixed with milk and honey. Use it to exfoliate your skin and also as a face pack. Oatmeal is your answer to acne and it also soothes irritated skin. You can find oatmeal exfoliating scrub recipes here

Embrace the Color Red 

Embrace the Color Red

The Irish are synonymous with red hair. So if you want to borrow from their beauty secrets, then you can consider coloring your hair in hues of red. You don’t really have to go vivid or flaming red but can also settle for auburn or crimson. You can find striking red colors and styles for 2014 here

And why just the hair, dab on some red lipstick and go in for some luscious red highlights on your cheeks with your blush to get rosy cheeks like the Irish women.

Braid your Hair 

Braids play an important role in Irish fashion with most women opting for braids to show off their creativity. Braid your hair into three or four strand braids or the latest rage that is the fish tail braid and keep your hair stylish and manageable.

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