How to increase breast size with massage

Oh yes! That is the answer to the question in case you are wondering whether it is really possible. Many women feel awkward about having small breasts since fuller breasts have been projected as something that will boost one’s confidence levels. So much that, in order to achieve them, there are many women who opt for plastic surgery. Rather than going under the knife or opting for uncomfortable padded innerwear, you can increase your cup size by simply massaging your breasts the right way. Just invest half an hour each day towards this totally natural and safe way that you can try at home.

breast massage

How does breast massage help?

  • Massage results in increased circulation of blood towards your blood. The phytoestrogens needed for the development of the breasts travel through the blood stream.
  • Prolactin, which is another substance needed for breast enhancement is produced when the breasts and nipples are stimulated through massage.

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How to go about the massage?

  • You could do this in the bath in the morning.
  • Firstly, rub your palms together to generate adequate amount of heat in them.
  • Next, start rubbing your palms inwards on your breasts, moving in a circle. The right hand moves in clockwise direction while the left in counter clockwise direction.
  • Each rotation should last about 30 seconds.
  • Do this for about 15 minutes. That would mean about 300 rotations of massage.
  • Since you would be doing the massage for a long duration, you could choose to do it with oil. Use olive or almond oil as the base. For better results, add a few drops of ylang ylang oil and geranium essential oils to it and massage. Both the essential oils are known to stimulate tissue growth.
  • Repeat this in the night before going to bed.

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  • Doing this for about a month religiously will see your cup size go up at least by one size.
  • It will also smoothen out the breasts and sculpt them.
  • You will not have any sagging issues because of the massage. Your breasts come out toned and firm as a result of improved circulation.
  • It also has a positive effect on your menstrual cycle. Massaging the breasts like this will lead to reduced bleeding.
  • It causes a surge in hormones will which ensure that you do not suffer from any of the annoying symptoms of PMS.
  • It is a safe and natural way of achieving fuller breasts.
  • One month is a good enough duration to measure the effect of the massage.

Side effects
Well, absolutely none! It is just a massage, after all. You will see positive effects, yes, but nothing that can harm your body.

So, rather than going in for something dangerous and more permanent as a breast enlargement surgery or opting for pills that may be dangerous to your body, try this safe external remedy that you can do in the comfort of your home at almost no cost. Be at it for a month continuously and get firmer and fuller breasts without any side effects.

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