How to Use Facial Acupressure to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Time flies and so does the youth. With increasing years, sagging jawlines, furrowed brows, and ill-effects of pollution, mental stress, physical burden all end up leaving wrinkles on the face. Though conventional and advanced options are there to treat this problem via medicines, facelift surgery and botox injections, there is an increasing demand to shift to natural therapy as well. After all, that is more safe and effective than some of the painful methods resorted to. Here steps in Facial Acupressure – the skin tightening therapy that goes a long way in rejuvenating your facial skin back to plumpness.

Benefits of Facial Acupressure  

A Chinese art of healing, Facial Acupressure involves putting pressure on specific points on your face using your hands and fingers. The purpose of this is to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and therefore energy to the focussed area. This helps boost blood circulation to the muscles, nerves and skin.

 Facial Acupressure Points

Better known as ‘acupressure facelift’, it is a technique to improve the skin appearance on the face, many times. Since the blocked or trapped energy gets stimulated to travel to the neglected areas in the face, quite obviously the skin gets tightened, toned and supple. In a nutshell, Facial Acupressure does the following:

  • Collagen production improves
  • Helps relieve Stress and Tension
  • Reduces Headaches and Eye Strain
  • Clears age spots and acne
  • Leads to better healing and functioning of the Facial Tissue

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How to do Facial Acupressure?

How to do Facial Acupressure

Facial acupressure is usually done by massage therapists and certified professionals. Though this procedure can be availed of in spas treatment centers, it is best to learn it at home through instructional books or videos. After all, there is nothing like doing beauty treatments in the comforts of home and on one’s own without any outside help.

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Pressure Points Used during Facial Acupressure:

Alright, now let us start doing this wonderful drill of Acupressure on face to get that glowing skin complexion.

Wash your hands thoroughly first. Now press each of the following facial points for two-three minutes:

1. Inside corner of the eye.
2. Points situated right next to the nostrils.
3. Points behind the ear lobe.
4. Point near the edge of the jaw bone.

When you practise these tips, you are bound to experience visible results.

Facial Acupressure Before & After

Tips for Blemish Free Skin

By using your index finger, press the area below the eye socket (that comes near the cheekbone) for about 60 seconds. Do it on both the sides of your face. This will reduce blemishes and keep your skin free of acne.

Tips while Sleeping

Apply night cream on your face. Then press the area around the nose bridge for about 10 seconds. Now apply the same technique on the temples for about 10 seconds. Practise this procedure 7 to 8 times each night. This will not only give you an improved skin tone but will put you to sound sleep.

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