How to Remove Self-Tanner’s effect from your Skin

Sun-kissed complexion is pretty much in-vogue nowadays. But, most of us do not want to spend hours under bright sun to get such look. For everyone, who looks for an easy way out to get a tanned skin-tone, cosmetics companies have introduced self-tanning products which are often known as self-tanner. These self-tanners immediately change your skin tone to make it look tanned. Although, the success ratios of such products are very high but a few times, everything doesn’t go as perfect as you have thought! Little carelessness in application of such products can leave you with patchy strips or funny skin tones. If you too have suffered such ‘oops moments’ after applying self tanning product and looking for a ‘quick fix’ to get your natural skin tone back, read on. The tips mentioned here can be quite useful –

Remove Self-Tanner’s effect from your Skin

Take bath immediately – To completely remove the after-effect of the self tanning product from your skin, you need to be quick. The quicker you’ll be, the better results would be. Just fill your bath tub with lukewarm water and add a few drops of baby oil in it. Now sit in this tub for around 20 minutes. Now wash yourself using an exfoliating shower gel. This will completely remove tans from your skin.

soaking bubble bath vanilla
Exfoliating Shower Gel

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Use Natural Exfoliant – Self tanning is almost like dying your skin. Hence, you can use a natural exfoliating agent to remove it from your skin. Baking soda is considered an amazing readily available exfoliating agent. After using the exfoliant, clean your skin using a loofah, it’ll wash out the last traces of self-tanners from your skin too.

Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub
Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub

Rub Lemon Juice on Your BodyLemon juice is a known natural bleaching agent. Therefore, it can be wonderfully used in bleaching out the artificial tanning from your skin.

Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice

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Alcohol for tan removal – Nail remover is a form of alcohol which wonderfully wipes out paints from your nail. To remove tanning dye from your skin, you can use sibling of nail remover i.e. alcohol. To use it for skin tan removal, take a cotton pad and add a few drops of alcohol on it. Now rub this cotton pad gently on the affected area of your body. This will leave no trace of tanning on your skin. However, after using alcohol for your skin, you must apply a good moisturizer immediately, as alcohol also drains away moisture of your body.

Alcohol Facials
Alcohol for Tan Removal

Use a certified tan remover – After trying and testing every formula, you are not getting your desired results. What is the last resort then? Why don’t you use a certified tan removing product? These products are specially made to remove sun tanning from your skin. Thus, they impeccably work in removing self-tanners.

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