How to Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss?

In this world of globalization where people live a fast paced lifestyle, hair loss has been recorded as a prime reason of concern through various surveys and researches. Hair loss and hair thinning is a universal problem that is observed in majority of men and women equally. Reasons such as dandruff, pollution, hereditary and lack of proper hair nourishment are mostly responsible for hair loss and bald patches among people. If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, it is suggested that you consult a good doctor to indulge in appropriate treatment.

Various Seasonal Hair Loss Problems

In summer days, our hair tends to become sticky due to excess heat, sweat and dust. The hair roots also get clogged easily, which in turn makes the hair weak and prone to breakage. Moreover, you should also keep your hair protected from the harmful UV rays of sun.

Seasonal Hair Loss

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During the rainy days of monsoon, there is excessive hair loss problem due to the chemical impurities present in rain that tend to make your hair lose its shine and health. On the other hand, in cold winter days, hair again suffers from dryness, split ends and dandruff problems, resulting in thinning and fall.

Protect Your Hair from Falling

Hair care is essentially needed in all seasons in order to ensure strong, shiny and healthy mane. Below we have talked about some homely solutions to bank on to avoid seasonal loss of hair.

Use a scarf or bandana on your hair to keep it protected from external damage. Other head gears such as caps, umbrella and more can also be opted for according to convenience, requirement and budget.
Go for hot oil massage at least twice weekly. It not only nourishes and strengthens the root of your hair but also adds shine to it.

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Make hair packs at home with regular budget friendly items such as papaya, eggs, curd, henna and more. Apply it on hair at least once weekly to prevent breakage, especially during winter season.

Seasonal Hair Loss

Do not tie your hair too tightly; instead opt for stylish loose ponytails and knots. Keeping your hair open always when going out is also not suggested.

Refrain from using too many clips, cosmetics and artificial colors also tend to damage the texture of your hair.

Use anti-hair fall lotions, supplements and creams available in various medical shops as per the advice and prescription of doctors.

Wash your hair properly with an effective shampoo to get rid of dandruff problem. Dryness and bacterial problem is a prime cause of hair loss in time of season change.

Make your hair roots strong and tight with help of good conditioner that is appropriate for your hair type.

Tangled hair is also another reason for hair loss problem. You must comb your hair properly at least thrice daily to avoid any hair mesh.

Follow the above stated tips and you will certainly get to fight off the seasonal hair loss problem within few weeks.

Flaunt healthy and shiny tresses that boost up your personality at its best without worry.

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