How to Prevent Hair Color Fading?

Putting on a hair color of your choice is a great option, but keeping it there asks for regular maintenance and making some efforts. Your hair color is going to fade not just with time, but it will fade away faster because of some activities. If you want to keep your hair looking great, it would be essential to take some steps and precautions to protect the look. Read on to explore how you can prevent the hair color from fading. 

Hair Color Fading

There are steps that you can take to strengthen the hair color, but first you must focus on the things you should take care of and avoid.

 1. Protection against the elements 

a. Water temperature

Wash your hair only using cold water. Avoid hot water because it will open the hair shaft, which means the color molecules will easily escape out. The effects of warm water are not as aggressive, but they will still speed up the fading compared to normal water. Use only normal-temperature water to wash the colored hair. This may appear to be difficult during the winters, but you can work out things by washing only your hair in normal water.

b. Sunlight

When it comes to beauty, sun can cause damage to almost everything. You can protect the hair color by protecting the hair whenever you move outside. Sunlight dries the color and fades it out. Keep your hair covered or use a sunblock if the sunlight is strong.

Even if it is cloudy, keep in mind that the Ultra Violet rays can cause damage. An intelligent method will be to mix a sun protection conditioner with water and spray it on the hair before going out. If you find this difficult, just keep the head covered.

Hair Color and Sunlight

 2. How to use hair care products?

a. Regular Conditioning

Condition the hair from time to time. Make sure that you use only a ‘conditioner.’ It will work by sealing off the hair shaft and protect the hair color. It has been found that conditioned hair protects the color in a better way than dry hair.

If you can find a conditioner that is also a revitalizer for the hair color, it would be best. For best results avoid a strong conditioner and use a light conditioner on a daily basis.

b. Styling products

Avoid spray and other styling products because they can cause drying and damage to the hair. If you must use such products, choose the ones made specifically for dyed hair. These products also open the hair shaft and let the color molecules to fall out. When using styling products, don’t keep them for long. Wash them out the moment you don’t need them any longer.

3. Frequency of Coloring

Put your hair color at least once every 3 weeks to ensure that it remains intact. Most of the time the hair color is different from the original hair color.  This can leave your hair more porous.

Experts suggest that you must get a toner every 3 weeks, if you have a red shade. For other shades, you can wait a little longer. It is a fast process because the toner is shampooed through the hair and rinsed out. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost you much.

 These are the most important precautions and steps you must take in order to prevent that great hair color from fading away faster. All you have to do is turn these steps into a routine and you would never know that you are working hard to look your best.

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