How To Prepare The Natural Ginger Lip Scrub

Girls have a fascination for soft, plump and pouty lips. That is why, just like the face, lips too require beauty tricks to make them look silky smooth and tempting. One of the simplest techniques to getting soft, smooth and kissable lips is Ginger. Now where does the cooking ingredient ginger come into the beauty regime?

Well, Ginger is known for its natural skin exfoliation that helps scrub away dead skin cells from the lips. Luscious-lipped Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is a perfect example of how women celebrities have been on the lookout for products that create fuller lips without resorting to botox injections. Follow the steps to prepare ginger lip scrub and get ready to flaunt fuller lips that you always craved for.

Natural Ginger Lip Scrub

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Ingredients Required

1 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp honey

Fresh ginger piece

Small bowl

Beneficial Properties of the Ingredients 


Being a natural humectant, brown sugar draws moisture from the environment into the skin and makes it healthy, nourished and glowing.

Excellent source of glycolic acid, brown sugar boosts cell turnover thereby generating fresher and younger-looking skin.

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As a topical exfoliant, brown sugar exfoliates dead surface skin revealing healthy skin underneath – in this case, the lips.


Honey has the capability to moisturize and heal, which makes it the ideal treatment for parched lips.

Blessed with antibacterial powers, honey prevents infection from developing in cracked lips. It also hydrates dry lips restoring lost moisture.


The prickly properties of Ginger annoy the lip skin a bit. But they bring the blood flow to the lips, thereby making the lips pouty and plump.

Natural Ginger Lip Scrub

Application Process

1. Wash the ginger in running tap.

2. Then peel off ginger skin and cut it into small pieces.

3. Take a tiny bowl and add brown sugar in the quantity suggested. Now put the ginger pieces into the bowl and add honey.

4. After mixing all the ingredients, start to apply the ginger-honey concoction on the lips. Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush for this application.

5. Use circular motion to apply the mixture on the lips.

6. Now use a damp towel or a tissue paper to clean off the mixture.

7. Try this tonic on your lips once a week to gain radiant and buttery lips.

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