How To Look Good in Photos – 8 Easy Makeup Tips

Who doesn’t want to look good in front of the lens? Whether you are flaunting your new cool and chic outfit or posing the camera with your long lost buddies, looking beautiful always remains your first and foremost concern, right? Well, the quality of a picture certainly depends upon the features of the camera, appropriate lighting and the angle of the shot. But at the same time, you cannot overlook your makeup. It can truly make or break your photos. So let us take a sneak-peek at the makeup world to find out those tips and tricks that can help you get a picture-perfect look:

Makeup that Looks Good in Pictures

  1. A Good Primer is a Must – Yes, it is important to start your makeup with a good quality primer. It can make your skin tone even and smooth by fading out every single flaw so that your foundation can easily glide on your face. Moreover, it contains light reflecting particles that promote a soft and glowing look rather than magnifying the imperfections on camera.
  2. Grab the Best Foundation – There is no dearth of foundations claiming to be the best in the market. But when it comes to look stunning in a picture, nothing can be better than the High-Definition (HD) ones. These are exclusively made for media persons to help them sizzle on the screens of HD televisions. So, just grab the perfect shade of an HD foundation by skipping your regular one. Do not forget to apply it beyond your jawline to keep the tones of your face and neck similar with each other.
  3. Go for a Tinted Powder – Well, you have to replace your translucent or shimmery powder with a tinted one (especially with the yellow shade) to make yourself look fabulous in photos. It is the way to appear neither washed out nor too shiny. To get rid of T-Zone shine, try using blotting powder on that area. If you have an oily skin, keeping an oil-absorbing sheet handy will be of your great help.
  4. Use Concealer in Right Way – Your under-eye concealer may spoil your look on camera. Make sure that you blend it out each time you apply it for a pose. Mixing a drop of foundation with it can also help you suppress those ugly dark circles and fine lines without making your eye area look awkward.
  5. Don’t Give Blush a Miss – A face without blush looks completely dull when exposed to heavy flashlights. So, define your face by applying a little blush to your cheek apples. However, stick to a glossy shade instead of a glittering one to look radiant in your pictures.
  6. Contour with a Bronzer – Another great way to hide facial imperfections is to draw attention to the best features by highlighting them. So why don’t follow it while posing for a camera? Sculpt your nose, chin and cheekbones with a bronzer that is one shade darker than your actual skin tone and see the magic in your pictures!
  7. Focus on Your Eyes – Staying traditional about eye liner and mascara will make your eyes pop in photos. So, always go for a black mascara and a liquid black liner instead of a liner pencil. Your eye brows must be delicately drawn to put emphasize on your bone structure. To get a more dramatic look, apply a set of false eye lashes.
  8. Pamper Your Pout – A perfect lip makeup can do wonder for an impressive look in pictures. Never skip the exfoliation part even if you are going to use the most attractive lip color. Camera can catch every detail easily. So, exfoliate your lips properly followed by the application of a lip balm. It would give you a pair of soft, kissable lips. Finally, use a nice shade of lipstick to make them more distinct in photos.

So, just follow these makeup tips and you are absolutely ready for a perfect click!

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