How to Lighten and Remove Scars Naturally

Having scar marks in body parts, especially visible areas such as face, hands, neck etc., can be quite depressing and awkward.  Not only scar marks, acne is another huge problem among people of today as it leaves behind dark patches on skin. To remove and lighten these marks without extra effort, the natural homemade ways are the best help to try out. It not only offers zero side effects (uses only natural ingredients) but also can be made quickly and easily in a budget friendly cost.

Eager to learn more about the easy ways of lightening your scar marks successfully? Here we give you a comprehensive overview with tips and tricks to enjoy:

Easy and Natural Ways of Removing Scar Marks

Read below and learn about the simple natural steps that can fade off your scar marks effectively within due time. In order to get the best benefits, it is suggested that you use the natural processes of scar removal daily.


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1. Coconut oil with lemon juice: Try using coconut oil mixed with lemon juice regularly on the scar area. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture. Massage the place with the cotton ball for 5-7 minutes and you will observe the mark fading off after some weeks.

2. Cucumber juice mixed with honey: While you can use cucumber juice and honey respectively for scar removal process, it is suggested that you make a combination of these two for maximum benefits. Honey is a natural moisturizer which is excellently effective on wounds and cuts. On the other hand, cucumber juice has a soothing effect that makes the skin soft and supple. Rub the mixture thoroughly on the scar area before washing off with cold water.

3. Extracts or juice of onion: Onion is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which can also help lighten the scar marks successfully. Though considered to be a time consuming process (several months), there is no doubt that onion gel or juice from extracts can be your effective help in removing scars.

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4. Aloe vera gel and olive oil: Finally, you also have the aloe vera gel to help you get rid of scar spots. Considered as a magic gel that works excellently on skin problems, it is advised that you try using aloe vera with few drops of olive oil in it. This will not only help remove the wound mark but also make the skin nourished and soft.

5. Raw potato with cucumber juice: Raw potato is an excellent natural bleaching agent that can be used to get relief from scar marks. Cut potato in slices and blend it with cucumber juice in mixer. Apply it on your face in upward movement regularly to get quick result.

6. Baking soda with water: Mix baking soda with water and make a smooth paste. Massage your face, especially the pimple/acne area with the paste. Wash off with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer. The coarse granules of baking soda exfoliate the skin effectively, giving you a bright look.

7. Tomato pulp with cucumber: Tomato is also recognized as a good scar removing solution. Mash the tomato to make a pulp of it. Add cucumber juice/extracts with it and mix well. Apply it on your face; allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Wash off with clean water.
Some Additional Tips to Consider

Even when using the above stated natural ways of scar removal, be sure that you do not tear or scratch on the wounded area.

Moreover the scar area may seem to get dry easily, which is a natural and temporary feeling.

In case of any irritation or allergy, consult a doctor immediately.

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