How to Apply Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a hot fashion trend these days. This type of makeup will give you a remarkable natural beauty. However, application of this type of makeup is a bit difficult compared to ordinary makeup. This article sums up the steps of applying mineral makeup.

What will you need?

–       Mineral Foundation.

–       Mineral veil.

–       Bronzer or warming color and blush.

–       Concealer brush.

–       All-purpose brush.

–       Kabuki brush.

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Mineral Foundation Application

Step 1

Add a pinch or two of foundation on the lid of your foundation container. This quantity will generally work but you may add a little more as per your needs.

Step 2

Take your concealer brush and using swirling motions pick up some foundation on the brush. Now gently tap off excess foundation from the brush. Now apply the foundation on the areas that require extra coverage. For example, dark spots, under eye areas, nose base etc. Remember to use even and smooth strokes.

Step 3

Take your all-purpose brush and pick up foundation from the lid in same way you did using your concealer brush. Gently tap the brush to remove excess foundation. Now using swirling motions, start applying the foundation on the rest of your face. Start from outer jaw area and gradually move inside. You may add some more mineral foundation if needed.

Step 4

Now take your kabuki brush and pick up foundation in the same way as described above. This time start applying the foundation from your inner cheeks and nose and move outwards using buffing motion. You can use the same motion while working around your eyes but remember to be as light-handed as possible.

Step 5

Once you finish working on your face, turn your attention to your jaw and neckline. There should not be any visible demarcation line. If you see one, use the kabuki brush and using a buffing motion, flatten any visible demarcation. For this, start from your jawline and work your way downwards towards your neck.

Color Application

Step 6

You need to add color using a bronzer, a blush or warming color. You can also select to use both blush and warming color. Take a pinch or two of the preferred color on the lid of the container containing the color.

Step 7

Grab your all-purpose brush if you want to apply blush. Using swirling motion pick up some blush and then tap off any excess blush. Imagine a straight line running down on your cheek from the middle of your eye. Place the brush on that line on your cheek. This is generally the apple of the cheek. Use sweeping motion to apply the blush. You move outwards from the point where you placed the brush but never go past the outer corner of the eye. Be light-handed while doing this. Now do the same on the other side of your face.

Step 8

Now you need to apply the warming color or the bronzer. The process of application is identically the same as mentioned in steps 6 and 7. But, remember to wipe-off your all-purpose brush using a paper towel or a dry towel or you can simply use a new all-purpose brush.

Step 9

Once you finish working on your cheeks, you need to take care of other areas of the face including your nose, forehead, ears and chin. Pick up bronzer or warming color using the all-purpose brush as described before. Use gentle sweeping motions to apply the bronzer or the warming color to these areas.

Step 10

Take care of the demarcating line at your jawline and your neck. Use gentle downwards sweeping movements to flatten out the demarcation line completely.

Finishing Mineral Veil Application

Step 11

The mineral veil is a separate container. Take a pinch of the veil on the lid and using your all-purpose brush, swirl up some finishing veil powder. Tap gently to get rid of excess powder. Use gentle sweeping movements to apply it on your forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. Close one eye and apply on eye lid. Repeat for the other eye.

Final Step

Your mineral makeup is completed once your finish applying the mineral veil powder. Now you need to apply mascara, eye shadow (if you want) and your lip gloss to get the complete look.

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