How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner – Tips & Tricks

Eyeliner is the most essential ingredient of eye makeup. Single stroke of eyeliner gives the desired dramatic appearance to your eyes. If eyes mirror your heart, eyeliner mirrors your facial expression. But if you are using liquid eyeliner, it is very important to put it rightly, else you’ll find your eyeliner being flaked, messed up and smudged. Looking for some crucial tips and tricks, browse the article.

  • Prime your eyelids first – The first step of putting liquid eyeliner is to provide a makeup base to eyelids. To make this base you can either use a good professional primer or can opt for some quality cream eye shadow to prime your eyelids. If you are using cream eye shadow, try to choose for a nude shade. It’ll help you in applying another coat of colorful shadow. After priming your eyelid, top it with translucent powder.Prime your eyelids
  • Now apply eye shadow – If eyeliner makes your eye look dramatic, eye-shadow adds sparkle to that dramatic appearance. Though, girls mostly prefer an eye shadow in matching tone with their dress but if you want a smoky eye, you can opt for different shades of black. Eye shadow application should be done immediately after priming eyelids.apply eye shadow
  • Keep your hand steady – This is the most important point to apply liquid eyeliner. A non-steady hand won’t allow you to draw the perfect stroke; hence, you must pay attention on keeping your hand firm. You can do it by resting your elbow on a table.
  • Draw the line as closer to eyelashes as possible – Whether you want to go for a thick kohl line on eyelids to sneak into retro fashion or simply want to draw a taut yet thin line to highlight magnetism of your big eyes, you should draw the line as close to eyelashes as possible. This’ll help you not only in sketching the perfect line but also it will save you from the problem of re-filling the area near lashes. If you want a thicker line, apply two-three more strokes of eyeliner above the first line.
  • Fix Mistakes – Once you are done with your eyeliner strokes, it’s time to fix mistakes. Commonly, people find it difficult to put eyeliner on inner and outer corners of eyes. To get the best look, you can reapply liner to these areas. First remove the previously applied liner from these areas using a cotton swab dipped in make-up remover then put another coat of eyeliner after makeup remover dries up.
  • Make your lashes look fuller with mascara – Eyeliner and mascara together make for the most favorite couple in the world of makeup products. Eyeliner is used for the beautification of eyelids while mascara adds volumes to your eyelashes. Mascara should always be applied post eyeliner. Wait for the moment till your liquid eyeliner dries up, now use an eyelash curler to wiggle your lashes a little. Now get good mascara and apply gently on upper eyelashes. To get the best look, you should move the mascara wands from inner corners of eyes to outer corners of it. Allow your upper lashes to dry up and then similarly move wands on your lower eyelashes. Now, look at your eyes… they are ready to fascinate any mortal of the planet.Mascara to Eyelash

Note – Gone are the days when eyeliners and mascara were manufactured only in the shades of Black. Nowadays colorful mascara and eyeliners are rage. You can go for any color whether you want to keep it simple with beautiful brown or go bright with dazzling pink. Eyeliners are always ready to give you the look you want. Read also 5 Liquid Eyeliners available in India here.

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Anu Shakti Singh is a writer by nature and profession who shows equal perfection in carrying off a mother’s responsibility as well as a fashionista’s garb.

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