Hot Paraffin Wax Facial: Know It All For Your Beauty Regime

We all love to look our best… no doubt it helps enhance our confidence and boosts the ego better. Be it a wedding party or a casual friendly reunion, girls love to dress up their best. As you start selecting your attires and accessories for the next occasion, make sure that you have a glowing skin that complements your look thoroughly. Hot paraffin wax facial can be one of your best beauty treatment solutions to try out in order to flaunt a smooth glowing skin to the world. Popularly used for anti aging skin treatment, there is a growing demand for hot paraffin wax facial globally.

Hot Paraffin Wax Facial

What is hot paraffin wax facial treatment?

It is basically an aromatherapy treatment that is used in spas to successfully soften the skin, moisturize and add a glow to it. When hot paraffin wax is applied on the face in a balanced manner, it not only cleans the dust and dirt but also offers a soothing and tranquil sensation which result in stress relief, peace and calmness from within.

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Process of hot paraffin wax facial

In this process, the face is initially covered with a gauze mask to ensure maximum protection of skin. Then melted wax is applied with a brush which is left to dry on the skin for 10-15 minutes. As the wax starts cooling, it moisturizes and cleans your skin in a balanced manner. Finally, the wax layer is peeled off with great care, giving you a glowing and shining skin to admire. Always bank on a professional beautician when trying hot paraffin wax facial treatment.

Benefits of hot paraffin wax facial

Hot Paraffin Wax Facial

This facial treatment is considered as a multi beneficial solution that can help make your skin look healthy and satin smooth. Some of the prominent benefits that are associated with this facial peel treatment process include the following:

• It helps open up the skin pores through deep cleaning and moisturizing.
• It helps reduce the skin tan, thus making your face look cleaner and vibrant.
• It gives a relaxing and rejuvenated feeling which in turn brings out your inner beauty at its best.
• It helps in reducing the aging marks such as wrinkles, crow’s feet etc.

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Precautions to maintain in paraffin wax facial treatment

While opting for hot paraffin wax facial, there are some basic precautionary steps which everyone must follow meticulously. If you are a beauty professional, it is crucial that you are aware of these safety measures as stated below:

• Paraffin wax must be used exclusively for external usage such as feet, hands, face etc.
• Paraffin is flammable; hence proper care must be maintained when using it.
• Never try to heat paraffin wax in a microwave or electric heater as it may burst off. Make sure that you use only wax heaters available in the market with automated heat controller facility.
• While heating paraffin wax, always stay alert to keep the temperature within tolerance level. Else your skin may get burned.

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