Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

Attracted towards those bright and dazzling nail polishes available in the market? If you wish to flaunt some style with vibrant nail colors, it is advised that you take proper care of your finger nails too. Beauty is not only about flaunting good skin, clothes and makeup. It actually comprise of a lot more than these.

Reasons for Proper Nail Care

It is observed that many people take good care of their skin and face, but tend to ignore proper hygiene of feet and nails. According to experts, this small negligence can play foul to all your attempts at being beautiful. Though small in size, nails make for an important part of our body. It’s not only about beauty benefits…there are many more reasons that ensure you take good care of your hand and feet nails. Get to know some prominent causes to support nail care treatment include the following:

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As we use our hands in every chore, nails protect our sensitive fingers from external wounds, scratches and hurts.
Nail is considered as the mirror of your health; it reflects your overall fitness. People suffering from broken, brittle and discolored nails tend to suffer from internal infections, disorders and skin problem.

Good looking nails add to the beauty of your hand which is also a part of healthy habits.

Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

Broken, cracked and splitting nails can be quite disappointing. Instead of using chemically treated nail hardeners, there are practical and quick home remedies to restore and heal your nail. Easy to perform without any extra effort, here we offer some simple yet excellently effective home remedies for nail care to bank on. Try out and enhance your beauty by leaps:

1. Lemon juice to remove stain marks and make your nails strong: Clean your nails with the juice of a slice of lemon to add strength as well as remove any discoloration marks on nails. Keeping your nails clean and hygienic is one of the prime rules of being healthy and well.

Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails
2. Wear gloves when working with water: If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or doing heavy household chores, make sure that you wear a glove to prevent nails from getting broken. It is observed that too much exposure to water or harsh elements tend to make the nails brittle, thus breaking easily. Always keep your hands clean and dry to avoid bacterial infections.

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3. Proper and regular moisturizing of hands: In order to keep your nails nourished. The harsh rays of sun along with dust and pollution makes the ‘keratin’ nail coating weak, resulting in discoloration and splitting nails. It is suggested that you clean and moisturize your hand regularly to keep it nourished. Apply Vaseline or moisturizing lotion on your hand every night before going to sleep. Wear gloves and leave it overnight to find soft and beautiful hands in the morning.

Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

4. Opt for a balanced diet: Nails show your health condition; hence make sure that you are fit and healthy from within. Indulge in a proper lifestyle with balanced diet that comprise of various vitamins, iron, zinc and nutrient components, making you look beautiful from inside-out.

Additional Tips to Healthy Nails

Apart from indulging in the above stated home remedies, you should follow some more tips for maximum benefits:

  • Keep your nails nude sometime so that it gets to breathe rightly.
  • Use a filler to shape the nails so that there is no sharp end. Uneven and sharp nails tend to break off easily.
  • Ensure that you do not bite your nails or tear cuticles; instead always use a good nail cutter to clean it.
  • In case of more serious nail problems, consult a doctor for guidance.

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