Home Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

Home remedies can be of great help in curing some of the internal health issues too. Ovarian cyst is one of them. Abnormal fluid filled sacs inside a woman’s ovary is called ovarian cyst. Caused by malfunction of follicle cells, these cysts can emerge in single or both ovaries of a woman during her fertile years of life.

However, ovarian cysts are not considered malignant in normal conditions and generally they disappear without any treatment within a span of 8 to 12 weeks but sometimes they tend to grow bigger. A bigger ovarian cyst stays on greater risk of being ruptured which is an alarming medical condition, as a ruptured cyst may cause serious harms to the suffering woman’s ovary. Apart from it, ovarian cysts also cause unbearable abdominal pain in some women during their menstrual cycle days. Therefore, medical practitioners advise to treat fluid filled baggy formation in ovaries as soon as you get to know about them. There are several ways to treat them but staying natural is the most beneficial, as this treatment comes with no side-effect.

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Try to lose weight

Obesity is home to numerous ailments, including ovarian cysts. Being overweight imbalances the flow of estrogen and progesterone in ovary. Due to excess fat in body, obese women tend to produce extra estrogen which creates malfunction in follicle cells and puts them on higher risk of ovarian cyst formation. Hence, losing weight is the first treatment to get rid of fluid filled ovarian sacs.


Going Herbal way

There are a number of herbs which are capable to remove cyst of ovaries. Wild Yam and Black Cohosh are some of the popular herbs given to remove ovarian cyst. These herbs work wonders in correcting hormonal balances in the body and are easily available. Tea made with herbs such as chamomile, raspberry and mint are also considered beneficial in getting rid of such cysts.

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Usage of Heat Pad

Ovarian cyst often causes abdominal cramping in women during their period days. Using heat pad and warm water bottle helps in relaxing of abdominal muscle and subsequently aids in getting relief from stomach-ache.

(Note – do not use too hot heat pad or water bottle. It may cause severe burns on your body.)

Adding Vitamin E in your daily diet

Adding edibles enriched with Vitamin E can put a great impact in treating ovarian cysts. Vitamin E is supposed to have properties which control the flow of hormones in a woman’s body. Adding vitamin E supplements such as almond, fish oil will naturally increase the level of this vital vitamin in your body. It will correct the hormonal imbalance and help you in making your ovaries free of these unwanted fluid filled sacs.

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