Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

A lower back ache can be a big deterrent in your day to day activities. Maybe you pulled a muscle while trying to lift something, or slept in a wrong posture or were slouching for too long, but now you have  started feeling its effect on the lower back. You cannot bend down, walk properly or change posture without facing a lot of discomfort. Not just you, it becomes apparent to all those around you that you are suffering from back pain. Rather than letting it be and waiting for the pain to subside by itself, what you can do is try some of the home remedies for lower back pain listed here to say goodbye to back pain.

1. Get Moving

You heard me right. Do not lie down or stop moving around simply because you have a backache. Yes your back needs rest, but that does not mean bed rest. Move around as usual, just making sure that you avoid any kind of lifting of weights or bending too much.

2. Chuck those heels

High Heels

If you are suffering from lower back ache, then it is sign enough to chuck those heels in favor of flats, at least temporarily. Until the pain subsides, opt for footwear that is well cushioned and does not exert any kind of strain on the ankles or the lower back.

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3. Cold and heat pack 

Cold pack

For the first two days after your backache begins, apply an ice pack on it. The ice pack will help cool down inflamed muscles. Much as you crave for the warm buzzing feeling of a heat pack, wait for two days until the pain slightly subsides to start using a heat pack, otherwise, it can aggravate the inflamed muscles. After two days, using a rice pack on your lower back will help reduce the pain.

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4. Get a massage

Ask your spouse or friend or sibling to give you a rubdown with a pain relieving balm as you lie face down. A massage, despite being done by a non-practitioner will help ease the muscles and will tone down the pain. Ensure that too much pressure is not applied on the lower back and the massage is done with soft hands. Castor oil is known to be very beneficial in relieving pains and muscle pulls. Mix together a palm full of castor oil with a few drops of eucalyptus oil for quick relief.

5. Yoga is the way to go

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Yes, go ahead and bend that back in order to relieve the pain and also to strengthen it further to prevent any future injury. Roll out your yoga mat and try simple yoga postures like the mountain pose, forward bend and downward dog. Do not push yourself too much. Start off small and as the pain subsides in a couple of days, build on the number of repetitions in order to strengthen your lower back.

6. Change your mattress and get good sleep

Your mattress needs to be firm and should provide good support to your back, rather than being too soft that it gives in to any irregular posture that you sleep in. Do your research and invest in a firm mattress and also get good rest, because sometimes, lack of rest can be one of the main culprits for back pain.

7. Sip Raspberry juice

 raspberry juice

Drinking raspberry juice is known to relieve lower back pain. Buy yourself a carton and keep sipping on it at regular intervals. Couple it with the other remedies suggested above and you should be up and bouncing in a few days.

Remember, once you are free from pain, get into a fitness routine, lose any excess weight since weight can also trigger back ache. Maintain a good posture and use cushions to support your lower back.

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