Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

An eyelid cyst is a lump caused in the upper or lower eyelid. The main reason for the occurrence of the cyst is the obstruction of the oil gland in the eyelid. An inflammation of the oil gland can also lead to a subsequent cyst formation. However, it is a temporary growth, and unlike a tumour, does not cause any lasting damage or impairment of vision. If you are suffering from a cyst in the eye, even though it mars your appearance, a surgery is not recommended, since it goes away by itself.

Eyelid Cysts

Causes of eyelid cysts

There are many causes of eyelid cysts. The main cause is bacteria. Dirt, bacteria or other debris in the environment can get into the eyes. These unsightly lumps can also be caused by dirty contact lenses, poor hygiene, old cosmetics, constantly touching the eyes with dirty hands.

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Types of eyelid cysts

Styes – these are pus like formations at the oil glands. The infected area becomes red and tender. They do not last for more than a week.

Sweet gland cysts – these are formed at the tear glands and appear in the form of shiny lumps. They dry and fall off in a week.

Chalazions – they are lumps in the eyelid that is caused as an after effect of an infection. They last close to 3-4 months. If they do not fall off by then, a surgery may be necessary.

Treating a cyst

  • A warm compress can help soothe an eyelid cyst. If the cyst is caused due to clogged oil glands, the compress will help open up and unclog the glands. It will also improve the blood circulation to the eyes and help the eyes heal faster.
  • Make sure that you keep your hands and nails clean and do not touch your eyes too much.
  • If you use eye makeup, ensure that you throw away any old makeup or one into which you have dug your fingers.
  • Do not share eye makeup with anyone.
  • Apply some coconut oil on one side of a lemon leaf. Heat up the leaf gently on a pan. Now apply this leaf on the outside of the lid, over the cyst. Make sure that you do not apply this inside the eye. Doing this 3-4 times every day will help break the cyst.
  • Guava leaves are also great for treating cysts. Warm up some guava leaves in a microwave or on the stove. Wrap these leaves in a clean towel and use the compress on the eyes. Do this a couple of times every day.
  • Massaging the eyelids with your finger will generate some heat on the eyelid and help break the cyst faster.
  • Keep the cyst clean. Dip a cotton bud in warm water and use it to clean up any pus that is generated from the cyst.
  • If the cyst lasts for more than a couple of months, it is best to visit a doctor. Stubborn cysts that do not fall off might need a surgery for removal.

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