Holi Do’s and Don’ts – Tips for a Safe Holi

Holi is one festival where all of us tend to freak out, forgetting all our worries and go wild in the riot of colors. The festival symbolizes happiness and harmony and that’s exactly what the young and old alike do – get together and play with colors. While it is great to be in a celebratory mood and enjoy the spirit of the festival, one should also be careful while playing with colors. You don’t want your festive spirit to be dampened by any injury or accident or worries the following day about getting the colors off of you. So here are our tips for a safe holi – a few do’s and don’ts, following which you can ensure that your Holi is not just happy but also safe.

Tips for a Safe Holi

safe holi do's and don'ts

What you should do for a safe holi 

1. Always buy organic and natural colors that are safe to play with. With heightened awareness about how dangerous synthetic colors can be, there are now a lot of stores and online portals that sell safe and organic colors that will not damage your skin or hair when you play with them. If you have not bought them yet, then go and pick up a few packets now and celebrate the festival worry free.
2. Wear old full sleeved and full length clothing to give your skin maximum protection from the colors.

3. If you are worried about the colors staining your teeth, you can put on dental caps before stepping out of the house.

4. It is always better to use colors in a diluted form – when they are mixed with water than using raw colors in powdered form.
Paint your nails – both in the hands and toes to prevent your nails from staining. The colors from your skin might wear off soon but the ones on your nails take longer.

5. Ensure that color does not get into your eyes. Wear sunglasses and shut your eyes whenever someone is applying color on you. If possible, try to stick to colors like reds and pinks that are lightly pigmented when compared to greens and purples that can be stubborn while washing.

6. Apply copious amounts of lotion or better still, coconut oil all over your body and hair before stepping out for the celebrations. That way, the lotion or the oil will form a protective film on the skin.

7 . Top the oil or lotion with sunscreen since you do not want to be sunburned.

8. After playing, dust off excess color with a dry cloth. Then use a cleansing milk over your face and coconut oil all over the body and wipe out maximum possible color. Follow it up with a warm shower and scrub down the remnants of the color with a loofah on the body. Shampoo and condition your hair to prevent damage from the colors.

9. You could also bathe with a gram flour and milk scrub to wash off the color.

Don’ts for this Holi

10. Don’t get any beauty treatment like a facial or hair coloring done before holi. You don’t want to keep your skin and hair sensitive and vulnerable to damage while playing with colors.

11. Don’t play with eggs, mud or other junk that can cause damage to you and others.

12. If you want to indulge in drinking, do so in moderation, since you don’t want to have a hangover the next day.
Make sure you only spread joy through the festival. Don’t drag in people who do not want to play. Enjoy the festival with willing friends and family.

13. Don’t use metallic colors since they can be very harmful on your body.

14. Skip playing altogether and stick to tikka application if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

Holi is a festival that should be about having fun. So follow our tips and have a blast on the holiday. A very Happy and Safe Holi to all our readers.

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