Hemorrhoid Cream – Is It a Right Choice for Skin Care?

When it comes to getting a firm and toned skin, many people rely on hemorrhoid creams obtainable in drugstores. But there is a debate whether these OTC ointments have positive effects on our skin. Well, before answering the question if hemorrhoid cream is a right choice for our skin care or not, we should explore the cream, its active ingredients, its method of working and its usage for skin care.

Hemorrhoid Cream

What is Hemorrhoid Cream?

Hemorrhoid cream is a certain type of ointment which is used for soothing as well as alleviating the aches and soreness of hemorrhoids. Being loaded with quite a few active ingredients, it is considered as an effective remedy for hemorrhoidal discomforts. There are a number of hemorrhoid creams available in the market among which Preparation H, Equate Pain Relief, etc. are quite popular.

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Active Ingredients of Hemorrhoid Cream

LYCD (Live Yeast Cell Derivative) – LYCD is also popularly known as BioDyne. It might have a little positive effect on wounds, but there is no scientific proof that it can cure hemorrhoids. However, it can be used for treating other skin conditions like inflammation, creases, etc.

Mineral Oil – It is a by-product obtained during the processing of liquid petroleum. The transparent oil is used for producing various products related to petroleum, such as gasoline. But the effectiveness of mineral oil in healing hemorrhoids is still unknown.

Petrolatum – This is nothing but the very common petroleum jelly, which is used as a skin sealant. As petrolatum has no medicinal properties, it does not have any effects in hemorrhoidal discomforts. It also does not play any significant role in improving our skin.

Phenylephrine – It is a vasoconstrictor by nature, which reduces puffiness by contracting the apertures of swollen veins. Therefore, it can be effectively used for decreasing the swellings of our skin.

Shark Liver Oil – The oil extracted from the liver of sharks is a long-known remedy for healing wounds. Even though it has no use in skin care, it can be used for treating sores as well as inflammations successfully.

How Does Hemorrhoid Cream Work?

Most of the hemorrhoid creams available in the market are formulated to contract engorged hemorrhoidal tissues. They also provide required protection to those inflamed tissues by coating them externally. Apart from these, hemorrhoid creams can also put off further pain, itching and uneasiness caused due to hemorrhoids.

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Use of Hemorrhoid Cream for Skin Care

We have already talked about the method of working of hemorrhoid creams in the previous section. They are basically intended for healing hemorrhoidal discomforts, while some of their components have positive effects on our skin. Usually, these creams are used for skin care in the following two ways:

  • For Reducing Under Eye Puffiness – The phenylephrine content of hemorrhoid creams can shrink the swollen blood vessels present in the delicate under eye areas and decrease the puffiness considerably.
  • For Tightening the Skin – The phenylephrine content of hemorrhoid creams can also tighten up our skin and make it look firmer temporarily.

Bottom Line

However, hemorrhoid creams are not aimed at skin care. Therefore, using it regularly can give rise of a number of complications. If you apply these creams to large areas of skin, you may end up developing high blood pressure over time. Hence, it is always recommended that you consider these creams as many other cosmetics and use them in limitation. It will help you stay away from all sorts of unexpected skin-related issues.

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