Heavy Period? Don’t Let It Stop You!

Is there are single woman out there who looks forward to her period every month? The discomfort, the squishy feeling, the pain, potential leakages and the embarrassment that comes with it is never welcome. While some put their brave face on and live through it, those dreaded days of the month are more than a nightmare for a few.

heavy period

Do you find yourself wailing in agony during your period? Do you get extra self conscious? Do you lose the ability to focus on your tasks? Are you making frequent trips to the bathroom to change? Does it seem like you’re never going to stop?

Know Your Period

Heavy periods or menorrhagia is a menstrual condition wherein a woman goes through an abnormally prolonged and heavy period. While there are quite a number of women who may not be medically stricken by this condition, an irregular heavy period can never fail to be a bother nor fail to cause inconvenience.

heavy period

Know That There Is a Solution

If you find yourself facing more than just an inconvenience during your monthly period, consulting a gynecologist is recommended. It is important to remember that there is a solution to every abnormality and there are no hiccups about addressing the problem.

Won’t you want to feel normal again? Won’t you like to keep your focus in check? Won’t you be benefiting your pocket by spending less on sanitary supplies? Won’t you be happier if your period didn’t bother you as much?

Know How to Handle a Heavy Period

A heavy period can impact your life negatively if you do not handle it well. There is a fine line between physical and emotional strain and a heavy period can easily start causing emotional strain as much as the physical strain you’re already facing.

So, how can you prevent a heavy period from invading your tranquility?

  • Adequate and extra rest during your period is one of the easiest ways to sail through those dreaded days. Well, we’re not asking you to stay in bed from Day 1 to Day 7; but, when it’s time for rest, ONLY rest.
  • Iron deficiency in the body can lead to excessive loss of blood during your period. To avoid this consume food items rich in iron content.
  • Follow a well balanced, healthy diet. Also, during your period, eat foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits to keep your body at ease.
  • Stay hydrated with water and fresh fruit juices during your period and you will feel much more comfortable.
  • Consult your doctor about your menstrual condition so that he / she may provide you with medication to decrease the blood flow and soothe menstrual cramps. Medication can help keep your mind off your period.
  • Keep your sanitary supplies in check. You do not want to wake up to the first day of your menstrual period and find yourself with no sanitary supplies. Always be prepared!

Don’t forget that it’s alright to indulge during your period. A piece of your favorite chocolate or your favorite ice-cream can remind you of the joys of life even when your body is going through a radical change. Don’t let a heavy period stop you. Remember that you can live through it with help.

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