Health Benefits of Mint (Pudina) Leaves

For centuries Mint (Indian name – Pudina) has been used by different cultures all over the world for cooking. Its unique aroma and flavor has ruled and is still ruling the taste buds of millions of people. But barely do we know that Mint has unique medicinal properties which can help to cure or prevent several health problems. Compounding to its health benefits is its capability of holistic healing through aromatherapy.

What is so good about Mint?

Vitamins: Mint is exceptionally rich in Vitamin C and carotenes. Beta-carotene present in Mint can help to deal with deteriorating eye health. Beta-carotene is also known for combating and curing cardiovascular diseases. If premature aging is something you are dealing with, you know who to blame. Yes, free radicals! Carotenes present in Mint have been found to destroy the free radicals which do not only lead to premature aging through the process of cell destruction but are also responsible for a number of health problems.

Mint leaves Extract

Vitamin C on the other hand helps in repair and growth of body tissues. Immune system of the body is strengthened by daily consumption of Mint. It is also effective in the prevention of rectal and colon cancer.

Minerals: Our body requires some minerals for proper functioning. Some of these minerals are calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium and iron. Calcium and magnesium are important for our bones. Every 100 grams of Mint provides 200 mg calcium and 60 mg magnesium. Iron present in Mint helps to improve the blood health. 15.6 mg iron is present in every 100 grams of Mint.

Nutritional Value of Mint: Every aromatic herb in this world is known for its nutritional values. Walking the same road, Mint provides barely any fat. Only 0.6 gram of fat is present in every 100 grams of Mint. It provides 48 calories per 100 gram. The calories present in Mint mostly have carbohydrates as their source. Not only this, Mint aids in improving dietary functions by offering 2 grams of daily dietary fiber requirements, which has been assessed to be 25 grams for an average healthy adult.

What else can Mint do?

  • Mint helps in fighting bad breath, mouth ulcers and toothaches.
  • Its cooling properties reduce skin irritation and inflammation. It also removes dark spots and acts as a natural moisturizer.
  • It is also very effective in fighting different types of pains like headaches, menstrual cramps etc.
  • Its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties help to cure minor cuts, burns and other injuries.

Holistic Benefit of Mint

The unique mentholated aroma of Mint is known to reduce stress by combating hyperactivity of neurons, which in turn reduces the release of stress hormones.

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