Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

While Indians are more used to milk chocolates and love eating and gifting them, the trend of consuming dark chocolates is slowly catching on. Dark chocolates have cocoa solids ranging from 70-99%. The amount of milk solids in it is nil or very less in comparison to milk chocolates. The higher cocoa content gives it a distinct bitter taste. Appreciating dark chocolate is acquired taste but once you start enjoying it, there is no stopping you because it only does great things to your health! How, you may ask? So here I have listed the health benefits of eating dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate for a happy heart:

Dark chocolates contain flavonoids. They are known for their antioxidant properties which in turn help in combating free radicals. Free radicals are known to cause heart disease. Flavonoids also help lower your cholesterol levels. So dig into that bar of dark chocolate for a happy heart!

Dark chocolate controls blood sugar levels:

The flavonoids in the dark chocolate help in getting all the cells in the body to absorb the insulin produced by the body effectively. Also, since dark chocolate has a low glycemic index, it doesn’t increase your blood sugar levels. So you can eat your chocolate and get a health benefit out of it too, without worrying about your sugar levels. But yes, make sure you pick a chocolate that has cocoa content that is 70% or higher, otherwise, the health benefits are all missing!

Dark chocolate makes you feel good:

Dark chocolate has phenylethylamine that makes your brain release endorphins and enhances your mood. It also has serotonin which is an anti-depressant. The next time you are down and low, reach for the dark chocolate and see your mood swell!

Dark chocolate has anti-aging properties:

The antioxidants in dark chocolate help in slowing down the signs of aging. By combating free radicals, anti-oxidants also help in fighting cancer.

Dark chocolate is great for the skin:

Research indicates that dark chocolate has some compounds that help in making the blood flow better in the body, increases the tolerance to UV rays and helps hydrating the skin better. So the next time you are stepping out in the sun, make sure you have prepared your skin for it by eating a good amount of dark chocolate!

Dark chocolate and weight:

While we wax eloquent about all the goodness in dark chocolate, one thing we did not think of is all the pounds that eating dark chocolate will add. Before we get to that, one thing to remember is to eat or consume anything in moderation only. Now that we are over it, let me add one more benefit of dark chocolate by saying that it helps in weight loss- yes it does! How so? It reduces the body’s craving for food by promoting feeling of fullness in the stomach. Eating dark chocolate after a meal can help in reducing the tendency to snack between meals.

Dark chocolate is great for the brain too!

Dark chocolate helps in improving the blood flow to the brain, thereby helping in maintaining general good brain health. It also acts as a mild stimulant and there is compelling study results that show that eating dark chocolate helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

With so many health benefits, it is time to make a switch to dark chocolate and include it in your weekly grocery list. Go ahead and eat it for better health.

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Aparna Anand

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