Hair Transplant Procedures To Choose From

If you have decided to go in for a hair transplant surgery in order to get rid of your bald patch, then the first thing you need to do is to find a reputed surgeon who can perform the hair transplant surgery. When consulting the surgeon, he or she will introduce you to the various hair transplant procedures that are available and discuss with you as to which would be appropriate for you. We tell you here about the procedures so that you can go armed with the information when you visit the surgeon.

Hair Transplant Procedures 

 There are many kinds of procedures used in hair transplant, depending on the health of the scalp and the results required. Previously, flaps and tissue expansion were the procedures that were used. Of late, grafting is the more favored technique since it looks more natural though the procedure is more complex and time consuming. We introduce you to all these procedures here.


Flap hair transplant

This is among the oldest known procedures of hair transplant. In this method, the bald patch of the scalp is removed surgically. Healthy scalp from around this area is then stretched to act as a flap over the uncovered region of the scalp. The healthy flap of skin remains attached to its original location on one end while the other end covers the bald patch. The free end is then sewn in its new location.

This method is useful in covering a large area in one go since a single flap is equivalent to hundreds of grafts.

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Tissue or Scalp Expansion

Scalp or tissue expansion is the method where a saline implant is placed under the healthy part of the scalp. The implant acts as a tissue expander. In multiple sittings, the implants are filled with more and more saline water which helps in expanding the tissue under which it is located. Once this occurs, a part of the newly expanded scalp is grafted after removing the implant and is used to cover the bald patch.


hair transplant graft

Grafting is a complex technique but one that provides the most natural looking result. In this technique, punches are made in the scalp to remove healthy hair follicles or grafts and then they are “planted” into patches of the scalp that are bald. Since baldness is caused by the presence of hair follicles that are dead, planting newer hair follicles will promote growth of hair in these patches.

There are two methods of grafting – Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. In the former method, a strip of the healthy scalp is cut out and then is dissected into individual grafts. In the latter method, follicular units are extracted one by one from the scalp directly and transplanted into the balding scalp. Follicular unit extraction is time consuming and tedious since the follicles are extracted one by one.

These are the options that you have for hair transplant. Talk to your surgeon about the costs involved, risks involved and the results that you can achieve with every method before you zero in on the method of hair transplant that you want to take up.

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