Does Your Hair Lack Protein? – 7 Ways to Know

Protein is the main structural component of our hair. According to experts, each of our hair strands is made of 91% protein and quite a few long amino acid chains. When these chains are broken down due to several reasons, we suffer from extreme hair damage. In such a situation treating the mane with protein seems to be the savior for us. Now, the question is how to know if your hair lacks protein? Well, here are 7 ways for you:

Does Your Hair Lack Protein?

1. It Has Lost Its Elasticity

When the elasticity of hair decreases significantly, you should get ready to opt for a protein treatment. Determining whether your hair is in good condition or losing its elasticity is extremely easy. Just wet it a little and try to stretch one of the strands. If it snaps back immediately, you have maintained your hair perfectly. But in case it breaks, your hair is not elastic anymore.

2. It Has Developed Fine Strands

Well, we are not talking about those who are born with naturally fine hair. But if you are one among them who have recently noticed a few fine strands in their tresses, you actually need a protein treatment. Fine hair strands are not that strong and can easily get damaged during styling, washing and even brushing as they have comparatively thinner cuticle and cortex. So, why not make them break-proof?

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3. It is Breaking Off Fast

So, your hair is already breaking off rapidly. Now, what? The answer is simple. Go for a protein treatment. If you have not ignored your fine strands, you would have not to deal with severe breakage. But as your hair is shedding abnormally and you are finding it tough to manipulate your mane, it is high time to include some added protein in your hair care routine and make the locks stronger.

4. It is Severely Damaged

Hair can get damaged due to a number of reasons like overprocessing, pollution, stress, ailments and ignorance. Whatever the story behind your hair damage is, a protein treatment can truly help. Have a close look at your hair strands. Are they dull, dry and rough? Do they have lots of split ends? If yes, then you are certainly having a bunch of unhealthy hair, which needs to be treated with protein as soon as possible.

Does Your Hair Lack Protein?

5. It is Treated Chemically

Chemical treatments like coloring (especially the permanent one) and bleaching can wreak havoc on your hair by picking the scales of the cuticle up and changing the natural pigment of the hair through interaction with the cortex. If you go through these frequently, the chances are big that you will need it to be enriched with protein from time to time. It will make your weak hair strong, hydrated and more elastic.

6. It Goes through Direct Heat

Just like chemicals, heat can also take a toll on the health of your hair. If you apply direct heat to your mane and that too very often, you should definitely compensate it with an effective protein treatment. It can take great care of your damaged cuticle scales and help you get the healthy texture and shine of your tresses back.

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7. It Has Not Been Trimmed for Long

When was the last time you trimmed your hair? No excuses please. If you really can’t remember your last visit to the salon for hair trimming, you need a protein treatment desperately. Regular trimming can prevent split ends as well as breakage, thereby keeping the overall health of the locks up. But when you ignore it, you are left with no choice than to rely on protein conditioning.

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