Are Your Habits of Smoking and Drinking Killing Your Looks?

So you are a true ‘party animal’, who can’t live without smoking and drinking a day. Well, you may have already head a lot about how these two bad habits can affect your health. But do you know that you are killing your looks day by day with these awful practices? Read on to believe us:


How Smoking Can Affect Your Looks?

  1. Signs of Aging – Smoking speeds up the process of aging almost 1.4 times in us by reducing the supply of blood in the tissues. So, get ready to experience a number of untimely signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc.
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  2. Dullness – If you find your skin to be dull, gray and gaunt, don’t get surprised. It is actually the result of excessive smoking, which restricts the delivery of oxygen, blood and vital nutrients to our skin cells. Hence, we are left with dry, discolored and damaged skin.
  3. Under Eye Puffiness – No matter how good your night’s sleep is, if you are a chain smoker, you will never feel rested in the morning. The effects of harmful nicotine will show clearly on your face as you will develop huge bags under your eyes.

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  4. Psoriasis – Smoking can increase the risk of the autoimmune-related skin condition called ‘psoriasis’ from 20% to 60%. It can ruin your appearance completely by making your skin extremely dry and scaly.
  5. Hair Loss – Frequent smoking can cause harm to your luscious locks by making them thinner. It is because the nicotine damages hair follicles and promotes hair loss.

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  6. Stained Teeth – The habit of smoking can turn your set of pearl-white teeth into an icky one. The nicotine content of cigarettes is known to stain the teeth badly, which is definitely not good for our looks.

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  7. Tooth Loss – Not only staining the teeth, but smoking can also cause gum disease and other oral issues including cancer. All these will eventually lead you to tooth loss.
  8. Stained Fingers and Nails – Your fingers and nails will also turn yellow, if you smoke every now and then. Needless to say, this will add no beauty to your looks.

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Are Your Habits of Smoking and Drinking Killing Your Looks?

How Drinking Can Affect Your Looks?

  1. Weight Gain – Alcohol is almost as much calorie-packed as pure fat. It does not contribute to a healthy body weight and hence, you end up gaining a lot of weight.You certainly don’t want to look like a fatty. Do you?
  2. Premature Aging – Just like smoking, drinking also causes premature aging by making the body dehydrated, averting the production of antidiuretic hormone vasopressin and creating deficiency of vitamin A.

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  3. Skin Issues – Alcohol causes a number of other skin issues including dullness, spider veins, rosacea, etc.It basically dilates fine capillaries present in the skin and sometimes breaks them up, which results into excessive redness.
  4. Damaged Hair – Too much drinking can turn your hair strands dry and delicate. It depletes the iron and zinc content our body, which ultimately makes our hair follicles weak, thereby causing hair loss.
  5. Brittle Nails – It is already said that alcohols lead to nutrient deficiency in our body and leaves it dehydrated. Both of these make our nails easily breakable.
  6. ‘Bloodshot’ Eyes – Finally, you get ugly ‘red eyes’ each time you consume alcohol. It causes inflammation in the small blood capillaries present on the eye surfaces and makes them enlarged. It can gradually affect your eyesight and result into complete blindness.

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Therefore, take your own initiative and quit both smoking and drinking today, if you really don’t want to sacrifice your beauty.

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