Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Restoration Clinic

Once you have decided to go in for a hair transplant, the next step is to find the right hair restoration clinic where you can get the transplant done. Since transplants are expensive and their results are permanent, it is essential that you pick a surgeon and a clinic that has a reputation for doing superlative work. Do not fall prey to advertisements that claim to cover your bald patch with a luxurious mop of hair at discounted prices. You certainly do not want to end up with a botched up transplant work. If you do not know where to begin, we guide you here about the process of choosing the right hair restoration clinic.

How to choose the right hair restoration clinic 

There are many factors to consider when you are choosing a clinic – cost of the surgery, the reputation of the surgeon, the size of the clinic and the kind of results that they produce. We go through each of these factors in detail.

Size of the Clinic

Normally,  larger clinics are state of the art and have surgeons of great repute. Clinics that are a part of a national franchise are normally a safe bet. However, it is possible that you will be lost among the crowd of the patients that throng the clinic. In large establishments, the possibility of getting one-to-one attention is less. If the clinic that you are looking at does not guarantee you enough consultation and counselling time, then it is better to avoid it. Go in for a smaller clinic where the quality of the work and patient satisfaction are given importance. You can be assured of getting more personalized service since they would want you to spread a good word about their work.

Reputation of the Surgeon

Hair Restoration Treatment

The surgeon who performs your transplant needs to have at least 5 years of transplant surgery experience. It is best to shortlist a surgeon who specializes in transplant. Normally, you should be able to find details about the body of work of reputed surgeons online. There are also many websites that give you lists of popular transplant surgeons in and around your state.

Find out the satisfaction levels of the patients who were operated on by the surgeon. Also, check if the surgeon is open and honest about what to expect from the surgery in course of your discussions with him. He should provide you with all the surgical and non-surgical options during the counselling.

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The most important factor that one would consider while undergoing an elective surgery is the cost. However, be sure to not fall for glitzy advertisements that offer deep discounts for the surgery. Lower cost certainly should not be the criteria. For transparency in the procedure, it is best to find a clinic that provides you with the cost per hair for a transplant surgery than cost per graft. Also remember that most clinics will offer you a discount for additional procedures that may be required after the hair transplant.

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Go in for a clinic that has many satisfied clients – some clinics may provide you with contact details of clients willing to share their experience. There are also many clinics that are popular simply by word of mouth. It is always better to go in for clinics that come highly recommended from friends and family.

Once you have shortlisted a few clinics, ultimately it is up to you to choose the clinic you feel most positive about. If you have done your homework well, then you most certainly will land a great surgeon who will help you get back your lustrous locks.

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